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I am a fan of many things, though my focus is on Pokemon when it comes to comics and stories. Feel free to tell me about your comic/story, I'd love to check it out!

You guys can call me Raven or Mega or Megatron or even Grace. Or just my whole username. I'm cool with whatever!

Current Comic(s) In Progress: PMD: Explorers of Vatonage
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@Cristatella: Yay for finding treasures such as this! :D
Yeah, I don't blame you there :') Ah, being lazy. good times, good times.
Oh ho ho, I found your comic on SJ ;) Now I can read it here and on dA! This is beatiful btw, keep it up! :D
look it's art!
streaming is my only motivator lol

Okay I know the prologue doesn't make much sense because of the drastic change I had, but lemme clear something up for you:

The first few pages was to show what happened to the world. It had a narrator we don't know yet spitting out what pokemon in the world need to do. In the zoomed out page that shows the broken world, it goes from space to a water scene. From then on, you see a pokemon in the water, bloodied and sinking deeper. Then it switches again, to a pokemon waking up.

What's happening is, after the narrator tells of what;s become of the world and what's needed to save it, it mentions that there's a chance the world won't be saved. It then skips to someone looking at the sky, waking up, and feeling like they're falling. The narrator starts the story that will be the comic and story itself.
Double Upload!
Because of how long it took me to do the last page and because streaming makes drawing fun! Also there were 0 requests coming in and I had to do something. Enjoy!
Sorry for the long delay, I am a lazy cinnamon roll, too lazy for this world, too unmotivated.
For there being no pages in a little while, that is. I keep forgetting ;u; But in the place of a page, here's some sad art of one of the comic characters!
@Caedius: I'm not gonna lie, I forgot about AZ and that giant war. Darn my quick playthrough of the game! But either way, this is my own plot and world, and you're correct on the recent war bit!
Hiatus Over!
As the comic zooms further out, you will see that the planet has broken so much that if a pokemon were to travel to the edge, they'd see magma. I don't think that's healthy :'] The image fades down to water reflecting the night sky, where will this lead us? also, I wonder if the speaker will be revealed soon...
This is beautiful :'D Grand job!
What's this? Another page? No way! Anyways, the black and white stuff is supposed to be ash.... messed up on it a lot xP Other then that, there's another flag with a different symbol and colors, as well as a helmet. Hrmm, suspicious, I'd say...

"A healing hand is needed to save this land"
Oooh, a very nice scene here... I wonder what's gonna happen next ;)
This is beautiful. Grand job! ^^
This is a beautiful comic! :'D
@PurpleChickenPineapple: Thanks! ^^

@ForestFire: I AM!!!!!! I learned how to use my tablet so I can actually draw a ton now, haha! Long time no chat!! And thanks! ^^
@Meemie7: Thank you! ^^ Your comic is amazing, and your style is great! I love the facial expressions and relationship between the characters! Thanks for making an amazin comic!
Story time kids
The Gengar stood alone in the plain ballroom, his feelings out of control. He had gone to the room to try and find someone he had left behind long ago, but had thus far been unsuccessful. Just as he was about to abandon all hope of ever seeing his friend again, he heard a voice that he would recognize anywhere. He turned and saw the pokemon he searched so long for about to walk out the door, and out of his life. His heart fluttered at the mere sight of her, and as he watched her retreating figure, he discovered why he felt so broken and down. He loved her, he loved her with all of his heart. As he called out to her, memories flooded his mind...

I was nameless. I was a nameless gastly floating about, unsure of what to do and where to go. But then I met her. Her name was Né, and she was a Cleffa. She found me, lost and alone, and she befriended me. Bonded with me. She named me Mort. From that point on, we always shared our laughter... I was considered to be her 'shadow.' We were happy for the rest of our basic evolutions. But then, we started to grow up, and although we didn't grow apart, the world did. War devastated many, but it struck me harder than anyone Né had ever seen. I couldn't help but tell her why; she couldn't see them yet, because they hadn't manifested... but there were ghosts springing up everywhere. Only ghost pokemon could see these formless, confused, agonizing blobs of spirit that couldn't be pieced together. I cried a lot. She was there. Always there beside me, to comfort me and hold my developing hands. I didn't tell her one thing, though. I couldn't stand to tell her. When we grew up together, memories of my past had come to me... and I remembered my parents. I saw their ghoulish figures. That was when I cried the hardest, the time she couldn't console me... Nonetheless, all that death and turmoil didn't make me hate the pokemon fighting; they fought for causes they believed in, they were just doing it in the wrong way. Wanting to fix that, once Né and I evolved into our final evolutions, I volunteered for a military whose ideals we agreed with most. When I told her, she cried tears that hadn't flowed for a long time. I wanted to stop the fighting, I told her. I almost did. A few stray attacks, however, would not see my peacemaking through. I was wounded on the battlefield, and I went missing for some time. A letter had been sent out to Né, telling her the news. I heard that she was inconsolable for a few days, and it broke my heart when they recovered me from my near-grave. The infections I had from my injuries caused me to lose an arm, but as much pain as that caused me, it still wasn't as bad as the pain of knowing I hurt my best friend. Several years passed...

He called out to her, his memories zoning in on the present. He held his breathe, hoping she heard him, and when she turned around, he knew she did. He knew, by the look on her face, that his heart wasn't the only one pounding. It was clear she loved him as he loved her. They started walking, slowly, towards each other. It quickly turned into a sprint on both sides, Né jumping into the arm of Mort. Love filled the air, and Mort's body turned from the cool air of loneliness, to the warmth of a hundred suns. They released each other and looked into each other's eyes, smiling, as they reached out and held hands.
@littaly: Thank you! :D I'll hopefully finish the next page within the next couple of hours!

@LKWayvern: Thank you! It stirs up happy memories for me too, Pokemon Ranger took up a good chunk of my pokemon-loving career, as does PMD! Nah, you're not psychotic! If anyone sounds it, it's me haha!
Yesterday I finished the cover and the first two prologue pages! Pretty awesome, methinks.