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I love comics. They are good.
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    Logan Emmons
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Im sowwy! also, disney plug dreamworks plug walmart plug plug plug plug. It seems i'm not sane yet
the funniest comic since flinstones vitamins
cool cars laptops first person shooters classic fairy tails and of course, will ferrel. what?
I actually drew this a few days ago, but lost internet connection. i'm not in any way happy about this strip. Also, marching band starts tomorrow, so i probably won't be posting comics as often. I'm sorry.
It's true. My baby bro says so.
This is actually a joke a friend of mine and i thought of a few months ago. And by that, I of course mean this actually happened to a friend of mine a few months ago.
He had it on the "abusive" setting.
July 12th, 2008
i dunno why, but these are strangely appealing.
Captain Awesome isn't the most original of names, but it's good for just a super hero stereotype. Also, i don't think his suit looks that gay. Just saying. I mean, if i actually saw a guy wearing that, i'd think it was kinda gay, but for a comic book character i wouldn't.
Does this ever happen to you guys?
Dear Santa
The visual style has been a little different in each strip so far. I'm still working out exactly how i should be drawing and coloring things. I suppose i can just draw it differently for each strip. Also, what would you do if you were in this guys situation?
if you don't understand, then google it.
I dunno
I maed a cmic LOL! Right, anyway, the first comic colored with more than blue(mona lisa's smile doesn't count) Do people like this kind of thing? I'm not actually good on judging whether or not my stuff is good.
Regarding Penis Jokes
I promise I'll stop.
fantastic fantastic fantastic fantastic fantastic fantastic fantastic fantastic fantastic fantastic fantastic fantastic fantastic fantastic.

Also, monkey want my burger.
Also, Dead rising, if you don't get the joke.
I love metal gear to be honest, but this did pop into my head once or twice. I actually beat the game in two sittings, in a total of 14 hours. it's a great game. you should go out and get it!
That's my secret handshake!
February 3rd, 2008
these are very interesting. I enjoy the ones without jokes the best, such as the swing one. Great work.
Nice name. I enjoy the name logan, considering it's my name. I love this comic so far. it sums up all my personal feelings of life, love, and my hopeless romanticism. Awesome.
February 2nd, 2008
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