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There is probably a lot to know about me but I don't toot my own horn. So here's to hoping the person you talk to has nothing but good things to say. Likely not, but there is always hope. :D
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    J L Christenberry
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Agreed, I started this one and haven't stopped until I got to were there was nothing more. Looking forward to the rest!
Okay, I'm interested! It's also wonderful to see something that is not the typical "anime or manga" style. In fact yours seems more akin to that of the artists behind the movie "Titan AE"
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March 2nd, 2014
The artwork here is fantastic. Putting this on my must reads.
Well I made it this far and it looks like you're off to a great start here. I am very intrigued were this goes!

This page me actually laugh out loud. Rare, well done ;)