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At least he seems to have realized his mistake before Steve spoke.
Silly Osme, haven't you learned that opposing a greek god usually doesn't end too well?
It could be worse, he could be an undead serial killer, and we all know the reapers feelings on the undead.
Gotta head off those "Why am I in my underwear?" questions before they can even think about it.
Sometimes you just can't come up with an excuse.
Silly Yun, you should really read up on your mythology.
Guess Steve will have to go looking for them once he is done with the spiders. Also, finally caught up again.
Guess he felt the vampires were causing too much paperwork lately.
Hey, at least it is not a baby alligator.
What, does Neko's butt remind her of the iris?
Well, they say karma's a pain, so Steve was just proving them right.
Hmm, interesting comic, but I seem unable to find the favourite button to be kept up to date on updates.
Fun fact, that sign is reflecting that there is only 10 minutes left to buy booze for the year.
Clearly, the solution is to dilute it with alcohol!
September 11th, 2016
kinda reminds me of a face I saw on a puppet as a kid.
Well, puns are an integral piece of the universe after all.
What I take away from this comic is that like video did in the radio star, so too did logic take down T-rex's.
That Ruby, such a cradle robber.
Clearly Ms. Peach was thinking of everyone's favourite cat eating alien when she wrote that.
Now it is Kaley who is blue.