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Very eccentric!
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Ah, protection plans, required by Corporate to be sold to even on DVD/Ble-Rays they'll likely only watch once or twice, even if they come with a digital download code.
@namtap032892: It's what she gets for revealing spoilers.
@Saric: Either that, or there was already enough baby turtle paperwork to do.
Gotta make sure the giant boulder isn't slowed down by silly friction.
The Umbrella Corporation, Steve's true nemesis.
Well, at least Steve gave fair warning.
Sadly, doesn't work well in some areas.
Is her bad eye changing in the second to last panel an error, or something deliberate?
I wonder if Steve wanted to hunt down a superhero, or just their autograph.
This will be interesting
Always be aware of your surroundings when deciding to dance.
I think the PTSD is starting to kick in for Leo.
Well Troy, you are trapped now.
well, the gm did the fail roll
At least he seems to have realized his mistake before Steve spoke.
Silly Osme, haven't you learned that opposing a greek god usually doesn't end too well?
It could be worse, he could be an undead serial killer, and we all know the reapers feelings on the undead.
Gotta head off those "Why am I in my underwear?" questions before they can even think about it.
Sometimes you just can't come up with an excuse.
Silly Yun, you should really read up on your mythology.