Doth Geezer
I am a grave digger, a lover of music, and a ex-conman...
and this is my story...

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    This Time Baby I'll be BUUULLLEEET PROOOF!
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this eye ball man has no name yet
We're finally here...performing for you...if you know the can ....
who could it be???
find out next week on
gods mistake!!!
i'm adding more than one page at a time so try to make sure you don't miss any <3
two pages for the price of none
thank you josh for being the only one still playing along at this point. <3
there's no dick there.
the world is yours for controlling as long as you like fucking about with shit in this room.
thank you ian and scritch you all are sweet hearts.
What's the deal with airline food?
I can keep this up all day.
Guys you are hurting his feelings.
Comment with your command slaves.
Name the hedgehog.
I feel like it would have been pretty anti-climactic for this dude to lose here anyways.
I'm glad that Grilver is getting a happy ending with his dad.

Shame about his mom though.