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I like to read, write, draw, and doze of into my own world. I hope to start a comic or two on this sight when i can figure out how to draw on the computer better XP.I hope to get along with everyone on this sight. Have a FANtastic day
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    Mercy Heartt
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just so you know your comics are way better than lots of of true manga's out there. I've read so many crapped up manga's that i cant count them all and yours is nothing!! NOTHING like them, yes you have so bad back story history with your characters but that's what makes the flipping characters. There are hardcore s and m out there that is way worse and people love that. I love your story, your art, and really every thing about it. i like how you had a very easy going attitude with the hate that some people give you,and truthfully i think that if they really hated the story they would have even found your page and trolled it.:\ people can be so stupid.
and adding to this page, LOVE IT cant wait for more, hmm and how does this new guy come into the story~ cant wait and i wish you luck with all your awesomeness
This made me cry man, oh gosh, i had to wait about 3 minutes to right myself to start reading it again! LOVE it!! please keep up the wonderful work
i was wonder what could have been more popular than one of my favorite comics on this site and im not disappointed in the least! LOVE your art style and the coloring, the story line is going great so far, i wish the best for your work in the future! Good luck!
November 18th, 2013
Oh my baby's (well really yours but I call all good characters my baby's) so sad, really hits me hard. Love the work! Please keep up the wicked work
November 14th, 2013
Oh no
I think I get what's going to happen~ and I don't think it will be pretty
omg im the 5th person to write on this, so happy finally not the 20th person!
your style has changed from the last time you drew Jake, from cute to great! please keep up the wonderfful work
Oh god, ok these are two of the best pages yet.. They come after the awesome sex pages XD thank you my bday is on nov. 2 (tomorrow) and this has to be an awesome early bday gift
I think this is funny because I want to be a physiologist when I grow up... And I do think what he says has a ring of truth lol
This is my 3rd time rereading this and I just love this, I busted out laughing and it's just the 3rd page, love the old and adore the new
I don't know the names, I'm reallllyyy bad at names even though I read it but the guy who is on his phone a lot reminds me of me except I don't like Facebook. Tumblr is my life
to cute, I love them!
3 and 4 are lies~ well I hope they are because everything else is good but maybe 5 is a lie because the daycare people are nice... Then.. Ugh, I was going to continue reading but now it's going to kill me to know! Hehe thank you, and keep up the wonderful work
ether shes on something... she wants something... or hell has broken over and everyone needs to run for it...... maybe (and i mean maybe) she means it but i think something up
i was in hell reading the updates: my mom was coming and going in and out of the room... im suppose to be working on homework but i remembered i saw that you updated and i just had to read it! i sacrificed tumblr for these pages \>o</ it was worth it! i bet his kink is doing it at night out side, or something to do with the outdoors~ do it~ do it~ do it~
October 20th, 2013
yippy! but oh no!
Im happy about the update but i dont like whats going on! i home everything turns out ok!
The time~
It took 15 to 17 minutes for them to come once he put it in... Am I the only one that saw the time? Love the story to cute, and I do love me some smexy sex <3
@MegaAnimeFreak7: ok, I'm sorry then, I know lots of people that dis
October 12th, 2013
Thank u for the up date~ can't wait to see what happens
@MegaAnimeFreak7: I don't think this comic is rated BL but even if it was, what's wrong with BL? Everyone should be happy and really in this story Oliver needs some lovin~
October 10th, 2013
i think hes going to go home with him~ but who knows. i love the comic, keep up the wicked work