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Hello, I am FlurryDancer but you may call me FlurryI Im new in the comic business so be patient with me and give me some advice where it's needed! I am currently going to college at the Art Institute to become an Illustrator, possibly a concept artist. I love to read manga and action/suspense books and a bit of romance~ Manga is my main go to for reading unless I get a rare urge for novels. I'm a gamer by heart and will play any game that pumps up the adrenaline, mostly gun games.
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Im getting the feeling this is escalating again .w.
Oh my god you did amazing on the eyes! Look at Bailey's eyes in Gannet's butt panel~ He's being kind of sexy in that panel there...
The Silver and Black one
Gah! Read from right to left like a manga! So happy right now! Next page upload date unknown.
Good lord the faces in this page are beautiful~ Love this update!
Now Van needs to lick Alex just to make things more awkward!~
Such a deep emotional response!~ Can't wait for what's next!~
Love the faces in this one, love~ Very nicely done!
@WolfYakuga: It's probably because his actions weren't his own. He's probably got something going on with him that he can't quite understand and is making him do these actionstoward the guy that actually started it. Who knows. I don't think Cinna would go this route without having something planned
November 18th, 2015
It's kinda funy....but on this page...she reminds me of my best friend...
@MoonByte: It might have been blind pleasure and dragosh's misuse of his trust. I know this on a..personal level
Ivo: "NO! No you will not bathe me!"

Is totally his reaction or yus " get out." Objection!
@MoonByte: .w. you probably got too distracted by the smexiness just after~
November 7th, 2015
She's totally going to figure out about those wings isn't she?
oh my kokoro~ can't wait for next upload!~ This scene has progress .w.
Dang it Paris! I was just getting the shivers! D//: I understand the wait though .w. too soon too soon~
Dragosh so cute even though he is a tall beautiful, seme!
Dude, you are so fine~ As long as you do an update, no matter when it is I will remain!~

And just because I can't hold it in anymore I love the way you draw hair... The strands are so visible on Kratos's back in that third(?) I would say, panel~ I just sat here staring at it for a while .w.
October 13th, 2015
...right in the kokoro -stumbles-
Mmm, Ivo has a nice bod~
Oh my cute~~ Dragosh had such a cute little crush~ And he was shorter owo