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Comics, and Anime, and Vidya Games! OH, MAI!
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The comic is over, guys.
The comic is officially dead, y'all. It has been for a while now. There aren't gonna be anymore updates or new pages.

Go read about it on the front page.
@YoshiElement: Go to the front page of this site, and read the most recent news update.
@Gamervoicedubs: Go ahead, man. That's totally fine. And thanks a lot! ;)
@Redsnivy: Uhhhhh.... you know Mario and Luigi have been around way longer than Undertale, right.....? >___>
@nathan: This page got posted on October 11th. You've been waiting for a little over a month.

If you're gonna complain about your wait-time, at least get the time right. :P
@Kebi_in_your_pants: Eventually that will be the case. But, I'm still updating on both sites simultaneously, at the moment.
@Axies: Gonna be honest with you, ya probably will. One of our artists is having massive computer problems currently.

Betcha thought we were dead, huh? Not quite, my friends. Not quite. ;)
@Cygnus: Ooooooh! The Playstation Shapes? Hahaha. Don't worry. They're coming. >:P
Tool Toss
Rocky Wrenches, eat your hearts out.
@David: Well, this isn't a blog, man. It's a site for a web-comic... So, no, I really don't have any advice for you.
@Eduardo: Whose? Mine...?
Menacing Magikoopa
"Lizard Lips"... Man, that takes me back.
A Retainer's Duty
Hehehe.... "Duty".
@DatNuttyKid: Dude, we have lives, man. I'm in the military, and the artists have college work they're worrying about...

Trust me. We WANT to put the comic out as often as possible. But, it takes a lot of time.

The comic's completely free. You're paying absolutely nothing for it. Y'all just chill out....
@Guest: Saying we're "overdue" implies that we have an actual ongoing schedule..... Which we don't.......
@Asura: Not in this art style. Nope.