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well - english isn't my native language -- so please forgive my spelling and grammer mistakes ~_~ and feel free to correct me!

Will they meet again? o.o
Thanks! I'm happy you enjoy it!
There will be new posts in two weeks time! *work,work*
^-^ Thanks for sticking around!
8o) Thanks for faving!
I don't know Time very well. All I know is that he's quite a weird fellow...
^-^ Do you have anything you can tell about him? I'd be delighted to hear about it!
Pages are coming soon! =3 Enjoy!
November 4th, 2007
How nice that you're updating again!
Your style and colouring is really interesting and pretty. ^_^ - I'd be happy to see you keeping this up!
What follows now is too private to tell...

Gosh! I need some sleep!!! @_@
higgledypiggledy hotchpotch
@.@ time is evil
and so on - - on we go
Thanks for your comments. @_@
Thank you.

It's a shame that Dungeon Keeper 3 was never released...
There's no joking with Horny.

And Addi never gets Alica's name right.
Someone robbed vagary Alica of two of her eyes and made her opisthosoma explode. But she'll get that fixed.
cheerful childhood...
oh dear... @_@ but thanks for telling me.
^_^ and for commenting anyway!
there are weapons and -lets say-modifications that seem to be too awsome to be used only once. ~_~
What's all this fuss about pyramid head?
It must be this sexy skirt he's wearing, right?
Or he really might be capable of reciting poetry... who knows.
Err yeah - and i just claim him being blind. ( >_> And he scents his opponents. (As long he's not distracted >_<))
Licker is supposed to lisp.
Well.... just another add to my "things i forgot" list. @_@