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I like drawing doujishis and want to release my own original stories as well.

Please follow me on tumblr and DA if you like my works!

Feedbacks are greatly appreciated! The more feedback I get, the more motivations I get to create more doujinshis!
@xlilim: Thank you for your comment! I also want to explore with different styles and storylines so reincarnation is the best way to go. :)
Nothing new
I think with the amount of AU and non AU fan stories out there, nothing can be new anymore. I'm not very creative when it comes to stories, but then again, being new isn't the objective of this comic.
This doujinshi will fulfill my LevixEren fantasies. :D

I'm hoping to update this weekly
Not the true ending ... but has to end...
So this isn't the ending that I had original planned, the original ending had Levi actually teaching Eren how to dance, but unfortunately I had to end the story here because grad school class just started. Q__Q

This is such a cheesy story, I just want to show that Levi can be semi despite his height disadvantage!

I might add the little sequel on tumblr
once I get a hang of grad school... because the part that Levi teaches Eren how to dance is adorable/funny.

Thanks for reading!
traditionally inked
Quality of this page is not as good as the the previous pages because I inked traditionally, it's faster, but quality suffers.
@KY: Yes that will be fine, as long as you send me the link of your blog once you finish translating. I'd love to see the comic in other language. Thanks!
All ages
@HolaaOlaa: LOL, no unfortunately this one doesn't have smex, usually for my 1st doujinshi I don't have smex, but once I get familar at drawing the characters... well you know the rest. ~__^
@M-24: Thanks for the critique!
This is a rough comic, I was focused more on just telling the story rather than the art.
Read from right to left!
Read from right to left!

Rough art... just want to get the story out fast before I get more story ideas.
Fake Cover