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I have a thing for Dominick in sweaters. Yum.
He's an orphan? Poor child, whoever he is.
Yay for Flashbacks. I'm looking really forward to seeing Ki-sama's past.
Ahhh poor Ki-kun. At least he's eating them. He's not cruel like someone else I known. -cough cough-
oooh. I sense a flashback. Yay for flashbacks.
Hiwatari-sama is so cruel. He could as least take them and pretend to eat them.

Happy 100th!!
I am so very glad I don't know any fangirls in real life. I'd be too afraid of them...
He is super cute when he smiles. Yay Eiji-sama!
Oh Keiji, you are so cruel. So cruel indeed. :D
Smart man, Cairo. I wouldn't want you to get fried either.
I'm sort of glad nothing happened but at the same time I almost wish something did happen.

I like Eiji-sama a lot.
I don't know if I like her or not. She seems nice... TOO NICE. Be careful Sophie, beware long haired persons.


I sure do. Yum.
Poor Keiji that hammer must have hurt.
I'm thinking cheesepie would a much better name for cheesecake, it is made in a pie tin after all. It just makes sense.

I don't mind Cairo getting a chapter all to himself one tiny bit, because well... He's freakishly attractive. Like the kind of attractive that just can't be real.

I really like how even though the page is in black and white, his eye is colored. Yay for color!
Ack. You mean person. Don't do that to poor Sophie, she's already having a bad day. Grr!
Go Kea go! Yeah!
Hot, and well dressed.
Oh Kea, it'll all be okay.
I did not see that coming.
That's just not fair! Kea hasn't done anything wrong.