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Howdy, and welcome my profile! I'm the creator of Ren&Dandi! My comic is going to be a series of short stories staring Ren, a shy boy with some fairly modest antics, and Dandi, a mute tough girl, with the cutest little personality! I've shaken my lazyness out of me, and now I'm ready to devote myself to the making of this comic! So, please leave comments and ideas! I love helpful hints on stories, and art!

ALSO be sure give me a virtual smack, for every time I spend more than a week for updating! It'll keep me in check. At this time ONLY will I except flamming towards myself, and naughty words. But please keep them in PMs. I would'nt want the 'Faint of heart' to read anything they don't need to be reading...

DON'T forget to that any ideas that I may recieve from you guys, will have a special thanks doodled out on the comic! I won't take ideas without giving credit! Comment and PM me often, because you may just find your idea being posted in the series!
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No time to ink! I'm packing up! Tomorrow, I'll be heading over to Colorado with my youth group, so I'm in a hurry!

Don't worry, I'll be back on Saturday, but no new posts this week!
I'm going to do the same thing for her, that I was talking about for Mab. This little cutey is Glow. She's my alien! And I'll be uploading a super cool painting I made of her later. She looks way more mature, and a lot like a guy in it though. But still, I know you guys will like it!

Like Mab, Glow will probally become another favorite with many of you. Enjoy! <3
Okay, I'm going to Fix Mab's profile, and put his information into the page. I can tell that a bunch of ladies are going to like him! X'D
Well, I'm not afraid to admit it. My hand writing sucks. (It looked better the first time I looked at it...)

Anways, I may fix up that part. Wouldnt take long anyways. The enetire page took me about an hour and a half. I was in a big hurry to get something updated. Hope you enjoy!
Ooh! Thankies! X'D But I am going to have to work on remembering a ruler or something!
Thanks No Dice! I'll get started on the next page soon!
Lisu: Thank you! She's actually one of my latest little darlings...

Kimakitten: Thank you as well! I truly did love this style, but I'm always looking forward to yes! I'm going to make a banner super soon! (Not to mention, I need an avatar...also comming soon!)

Eirisgirl: Thankies! I hope you get your scanner fixed soon, so you can upload your images!
Herat+Stitches: You steal my pencil every day though! And I want you to finish that picture you were making in my sketchbook when you get back!

Eirisgirl: Thank you! I'm really getting the hang of this...'determination' thing.

No Dice: Thanks Jasey! I wanna see your comic come soon too!
I've finally begun!
At long last, I've started my comic! I can't wait to show you more!
Ha! Doesnt take a genious to figure that this is my major (major) weakness. I hate paneling. Absolutely despise it.

Also, I was very lazy. Major shading is lacking, and what not...And, does anyone else notice that Ren's hand in the last panel is sorta looking...weird?
Little Dandi
This, was my first draft of Dandi. Back when I was very lovey dovey with my old style. I'm still working on it though!

Anyways, this was a simple doodle of her, that I made for an online Role Play, and I really loved how it turned out.

Just thought it'd be nice to show you guys what dandi looked like before I started this comic!
This is the introduction image of Taku I did a while back. He's much larger than most people, and especially larger than little Dandi! However, in this image, she's standing off in the front corner, and Taku is laying down. Still, he looks so frigg'n big!
Dandi and Taku
Well, this one here is kinda off with the sizes. These here are the original drafts of Dandi, and a little one! X'D Anywho, I really liked the idea of the little girl and the guardian wolf. Together they're so cute!
Well, this are the profiles for our main characters! Rest assured, there will be other characters to be posted soon! I'll also probally put all the profiles (Once I'm done) onto one page later on.

Also, I'll be posting a special Image of Dandi. It was a first draft for an online Role Play!
Hiyas! I really don't have much to say, except for THIS TOTALLY ROCKS! [insert girly squeal]

Ahem...yes, well, like I was saying, I'm very excited to be starting the comic series! Be sure to check by often, because I'll have special thingies that you guys can do to help me out! Questions and comments, and all sorts of goodness! PM or comment your ideas as well!