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I'm a catgirl. =^______^=
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no updates recently because I am on vacation... but hopefully there will be somewhen I get back.
I did this in Oekaki 'cause I am too lazy to draw you guys a new page.

Just like I am too lazy to shade this pretty.

This was the only way to portray this right.
This is the best drawn webcomic I have ever read. Ever.

Do you have anything published? You should try. :o
no shading.

You guys are lucky I even typed it.

Hey, if someone wants to shade this, or colour it, be my guest. I would replace this with that and credit you. :D The nanny's hair is silver and Cecilia's hair is black, just in case. :3

Alright, I'm going to bed.
I shaded this with pencil AND computers. :o

I am happy with the second panel. Perspective is hard for me, so I deserve a pat on the back for getting the 'up the nose' angle. :D
I am the laziest comic artist you know. That's why this is just lineart.
I'm glad you like it <3


I love it when people like my comics.
By the way...

It's 'you're' when used like that... Just thought I'd point that out, babe. <3
I am way happy with this, esp. the first two cells.
Yeah, I know, I drew the last page, too, but she aleady did an intro page and I wanted to do one! So here's Ginger...
June 23rd, 2007
Hm, interesting.
I miss you, W.B. Otis. <3

Get on AIM someday.
Okay, apologies...
I was going to add cool tone backgrounds to this, but Gimp had an unexpected error when I was ALMOST DONE.

So I got tired of that...

So... I promise I'll add tone one day, kay? :D
This is where it gets interesting!
I just realized that there is no rhyme or reason to what size I make my comics. Oh well... I'll try to keep them more steady now. n_n:;
This is cute. Keep up the good work. :D
Wow Screentone
Screentone made this page look way better than it did... I think I will use them from now on. Wow, I can't get over how professional this page looks to me compared to my toher ones!

I think I might even end up switching over to shading it with tone eventually... It would be chaper than buying markers when they run out... Hm.

Well, I'll shade the next page with tone and then ask what you guys think. :D