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Hey, my name is My Linh but you can call me linh. I like toys, I like boys, I like soys..sauce, and I like noise. c: Did you like my crap-of-a-poem? Good, great.

I'm currently in my senior year and hopefully will be creating a webcomic soon. I LOVE the idea of collaborations more than actually doing it. And I'm apart of a Procrastination Club. c:

I love to travel someday.

I'm a real random... if you haven't noticed already but anyways. Would Love to chat to you! Bye c:
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I was thinking about having some connections with each main character in the story, when i start getting a move on with the plot, make sure you catch them in the future!

ALSO i am looking for a co-author/artist to work with me on this comic, give me a buzz if you are interested! :)
Meet Evan's girlfriend, Carol.
you're gonna have to pay for that. hehe
I did it in brown for 2 reasons;
1. For dramatic effect (but i don't know if its working)
2. For experiment.

And if you don't know what he's doing then;
1. I'm sorry.
2. He is throwing glass on the door in anger.
You have one week.
one week left til Evan gets kicked out of his house! what will happen?!? A little too much drinking? A little bit of what we call DEATH. Yes, the death is near guys and girls.

Also, I added a litle poster of this awesome movie. Can you recognize it? If so, please do share what you think it is! :)
Uh Oh
Seems like Evan is in trouble now.
This one is very rough and sketchy but I wanted to post it up as soon as I can instead of procrastinating. I hope its readable.
I put more screentoning in this one. And update finally!
First Chapter
Was awesome. Made me want to read more, created a sense of mystery to it as well. I want to know how deep you developed each character in the new few chapters. This was a great start to a hopefully great comic!

Some very few small critiques though; possibly add more background effects? (Not all the time) maybe during scene changings cause right now it seems to lack that but other that, it is going great!
Mr. Bachman
This is Evan guys.
A title page! I worked on this for 1 month. Wow my designing and colouring is rusty. (Dont mention my anatomy). Must do futher research and studies!!
Ah thank you Syerra! Hopefully the rest of the story goes well! Hehehe
Updates are not fixed
This comic is my second priority. I do this comic for a good hobby and stuff which means updates are not fixed and will be posted at random times. I'm sorry about this, but I'd figure if alot of people really like where this comic is going I might just update it on a regular fixed basis. Thanks for reading!
This is some one high quality webcomic and the plot is so intrigueing! You should get this published!
You're welcome and a very Merry Christmas! <3
ILU!!! <3
Thank you so much my secret santa! This picture is so awesome that it beats the awesomeness of awesomes. In other words; IT ROCKS AND THANK YOU! <3
How do you do such awesome speech bubbles!