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I am a person who worries to much about small things most of the time xP! Enjoys sleeping, reading, webbing, more sleeping, and learning about the nit-picks of the human brain :D
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This was such an adventure reading since 2013 ( its almost 2015 LOL!) I loved it and can't wait for your next books have a happy holidays~
She is so...positive @_@ guhh lol. Ps. Oddish is just so happy it makes me smile :D
Ah nobody can give poor old Atty a break.
Omg.... I hope he evolves it into a bellossom.
Or worse... you can catch a magikarp. I heard those things are deadly o-o''
Nemo Song Waiting Version
Just keep waiting.
Just keep waiting.
what do we do?
We just keep waiting!~
._. Who can blame then? There was a sale on hats the other day.
Wow already thinking of the future lol!~
Should have gave her a nugget. Trainers love nuggets!~
A rocket grunt's manual to raising and training a Ratatta, Book 37.
In stores Now!~
"...I'm not getting paid enough to turn around..."
-Rocket Grunt
Ahh! Then is today "Takeover Taco Tuesday"????
Now all she needs is a team of clefairys and she will be set!~
Does Atty ever return his pokemon to their pokeballs lol??
When in Doubt, Ask a Grunt!
Wait wait wait what is that tiny sweat-drop thing on clefairy's face on panel 5.. Face of shock lol?
Mmm yes, I just love sitting down with a rocket grunt and discussing poképolitics while enjoying some nice cut sandwiches and tea while other grunts raid my pokémon.~
Lets just hope he doesn't randomly lose his journal in the hideout... cause its not like we don't find random stuff there already.
Well.... Someone is not getting out of this alive..
Hmm it may just be me but I feel like Max isn't going to be happy being saved again.
Well I would love to take a nap in her gym as well. With all that fresh air and scenery it would be lovely.