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@Alse: @alkaplan:

Rene Magritte knew exactly what Prince Charming looks like
Damien's been studying for the SAT Verbal.
This kid's got a death wish
Update: I am writing this comment from Los Angeles, a "city" of "angels", endless freeways, and prehistoric megaflora, all of which I'm surely hallucinating.
As an East Coast American, I'm skeptical that this "California" even exists.
Ahhh Chanda's smirk, and then Quin's helpless oh-god-what-is-she-thinking face in the next panel...
Hey hey! Congrats on two years! Reading your comic updates in the mornings always makes my daily train commute a little less soul-sucking.
Man, I had so many schemes and barely plausible stories for sneaking into bars when I was underage. Kinda jealous of how easily Quin just waltzes into all these places.
Ugh Dermitt is totally the guy I was stuck being around all four years of high school because our last names came consecutively in alphabetical lists.
when concave and convex noses meet...
Ahhh, glad you like it! :)

It was certainly fun to draw.

And as they say, nolite te bastardes carborundorum.
@Karo: I'm expecting an accidental projectile shoe in the face at some dramatic point in the comic.
September 27th, 2016
@Auldr: Small alien in booted PJs for some reason made me think of this adorable little alien on the Heaven's Gate website (apparently there are still member(s) who are alive and running the website):

When I was a kid, I was terrified of extraterrestrials, but they were never anthropomorphic - more like in F-ST...I was convinced they were hiding inside the heater in my bedroom, moving through the pipes or through electrical cords.
AU grad student TA Damien Aattou delivering lecture to bored freshman class:
"...and, euh, the kundalini..."


"...the kundalini..."

*muffled laughter*

" a symbol..."

That one kid, raises hand. Sigh.

"Why's that snake su--"

Damien: "--oh look it's time for a writing exercise."
@LurkingGuestGuy: I third this.
@unit0: Lydia's got those sly cat eyes.
Damien: "What did the alien say to the cat? Take me to your litter."

I love Kappy's face of total confusion. They clearly did not sign up to be an awkward ghost in an angsty flashback.
With that Eau de "Q.R.", for a second there I thought this was going to go in the direction of Patrick Suskind's novel, Perfume (about a man who steals people's charisma by killing them and turning their scent into a perfume that he wears).

But then again, I don't think you could "extract" much charm out of Quin...
Well, it's clear who the cat person is here.
Post-abduction stress disorder, you say?