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Bl, Yaoi or Shojo... I love all of them! :D
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Hahahsahaha Wow! Dio Looks asasfdhadfgdas *Q*
I Love Dio... I vote for him! XD
Pffahahahahahahaha XD
Yes what was Cynthia!? :D
@pleasingMOFO: °--° Nice Deduction.
-Did not consider this possibility- °--°
Oh Shit Shit Shit!!!!!!
Kill Her Brad!!!!! D:<
Thanks for the Update! :D
Hahahahaha I Knew it!
Hahahaha Poor Prez, time to explain! :D
>x< I can't wait for more!!!
i Love your Comic! :D
True True... That was your choice -_-
But he not need to be so miserable TT--TT
Poor Mikal!
Thanks for the Update! :D
Hahahahahaha Rex is "plaiying" so well XD
But seriously, you don't see it?
"she" is "he" common! >x<
Someone Kill Me!!!!! >//0//<
I wait for this so long~ :D ... Totsuka Now, attacks attacks!!! >XD
Thank You for the Update! *▼*
But... Why he Hates You!!! TT--TT
You're a Beatifull person T_T
Hahahahaha That Baby Kenzie on the Wall XD
Que lindo Saeki! Tiene toda la razón... Creo que si lo ve, cachetada que se gana XD
Gracias por el actua :D
°--° He drink all seven!?
Wow! XD
So Cute~!!!!
thanks a lot for the hard work! (-^0^-)/
waaaa~ Fight Time!!! XD
>x< I can't wait for more!!!
i Love your Comic! :D
Maybe he loves... But is Tsudere XD
*0* Krow! C'mon! Everyone is cheering you! :D