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Hey, Silver here. I like anime and games. My favourite animes are Pokemon and Dangan Ronpa and my favourite games are Pokemon Black 2/White 2, Dangan Ronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc and Xenoblade Chronicles. xP

If you wanna talk to me. :P
Skype: SilverGamer56
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Oh my god... The Grape Ghost isn't a ghost... He's a Grape Ghoul! He has a Kagune!
I'm guessing the guy with the cool hat is either Giovanni in disguise or the gym leader before Giovanni took over the gym.
The new Banner looks great.

Also, I want Staravia hugs! D:
@sakohju: Just don't overwork yourself trying. .w.
Did she just break the door down!?
My moneys on Torchic.
Happeh late birthday!
@Rekuso: You better start hearing before she opens a can of butt woopin' on you.
Dat jump scare though. x3
It's "Of course." Not "Of coarse." Just helping not trying to be a know it all. c:
Wait... Another chapter? Then I still have a chance...
@Rekuso: That sounds great and all. c:

But I know it's a lie. ;-;
Do... "Things?" What does that mean...?
@#403: That's a plain and boring answer... xD
Omigod there's was an actual script for this page!?!
@ThatOneSpriter: Spriter... I do not care for you... Also you're dead to me. xD
Please don't tell me this ends in a tie... xD