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I write, draw, LP and sometimes give advice on writing/drawing. Still trying to free-draw in my downtime, not like I get much these days, but I try.
Fair warning: I do take occasional breaks from updating to work on commissions, so if there's no monday update, there won't be one that week (keeps the schedule flake-free)

Other Stuff About Me:
Average height, Dyed Red hair, huge fan of poketheories everywhere (and redheads)
Fave Pokemon: Skitty, Cyndaquil, Eevee, Jolteon. in that order.
Fave Fakemon: Arctus

Current Stories:
- Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Mitigation(fanmade: updates on Mon, Wed, and Fri.)
- DragonQuest IX(adaptation: Hiatus for the foreseeable future)

- Life in Zombieland (TBA)

Misc Stories:
Brain Farts and Taco Frijoles: (updates whenever, no set schedule)
@venami: They certainly are! I've got one heck of a ride gearing up, and I know you all are going to love it
Snarky Replies
@Shadow_Strikr: Nevahr.

@Murp: Indeed.

@ChaosSeer: PTSD
@soulwinds, @Stibikeybye and @Legosamurai732: Yeah, that's what I thought.
Glad you're enjoying it, Soul :)

@ILeninVelikyNamPutOzaril: I read them as the english letters they're meant to represent according to a book I have. Believe me, I'm well aware the 1:1 translation doesn't work 90% of the time. I've had to take some creative liberties.
I honestly have no clue how they'd read in German, though. Probably badly, lol.
(2) Exactly. However, letter like Jera and Wunjo can be read as both "j" and "g," and "W" and "V" respectively; whereas Kano is just "C," so I end up having to use it as "K" and "Q" even if it doesn't read right in English...or any other language for that matter.
Language is fun~
@Guest: probably because we've never seen a Rocket with one before :) I too, find it cathartic.

@Littledc: I've been playing around with other story ideas for a very long time, but I've never been able to set myself on one long enough to actually create a proper narrative. any that I have now are so convoluted it's nauseating. I'm really hoping to get my own original story out there one of these days.

@Murp: Does your ziggy boyo have a name? lol

@XlvMckaydvlX: I see it kinda like this: Tamed pokemon may be "stronger" by comparison, but wild pokemon aren't confined to the regulations of standard battle.
yay discord! :D

Wow, two A's, no B's. Guess everyone really is tired of the Isekai Genre.
You can join in at the Link below, I will also make a formal link to place up top in due time, but for now, MORE UPDATES!

So first off: My interview with the other company went well. I'm expecting a call today (cross your fingers) so we'll see how that goes

Second: I'll be setting up the Patreon my next day off (read:tuesday) so between then and now, I'm going to pull together drafts and other "behind the scenes" stuff that I can show you guys. If there's anything specific you'd like to see on there as a reward, or for free watchers, definitely let me know!

third: Monster project is good! I've got almost all the pages drawn. now the fun part: inking!

fourth: The second story for Of Fey and Moor is almost done!! I'll be posting it on DA within the next week or so! Thank you to everyone who beta read for me! you guys are amazing.

fifth: Remember you can't comment unless you have a role, so pop in, send me a message for what you want to be, and I'll get you labeled. (Keep in mind, I will be at work, so responses may be slow)
Okay, okay. that's all from me, enjoy the Discord, and I will see all of you on Monday!

Wow. Just Wow. Life Update.
I know I know, total 180 from Monday. To be fair though, the page by itself was the best part about my Monday. Everything else was terrible.

What happened?
Long story short, I'm quitting my job.
There may be some stores on Wally World's payroll that actually make an effort to treat their employees like actual feeling people, and I greatly encourage that to continue; but my store is not one of them.
I had an interview with another company yesterday, and even if it's just a seasonal position, it's still a job; and anywhere that'll treat me even marginally better is A-OK in my book.

I've also come to terms with the fact that I'm going to have to be WAY more proactive if I want my art career to get off the ground. And since Smackjeeves and DA are my main platforms, I definitely need to expand.

So here's the plan:
- Sending out the Discord Server on friday's page. -
- Get my Paypal up to date -
- Open a Patreon (and keep up with it) -
- Work out a commission sheet and art schedule -
- (hate this one) Get a social Media Account -

I'll leave it up to you guys what social media you would most like to see my work more frequently updated on (wips, progress, updates, etc) In the meantime, with our without a job, I'm going to keep up as best I can and keep you guys in the loop.

Presently, anyone can join the Discord server, however you cannot comment unless you have a designated "Role"
There are three Roles you can be assigned. If you are going to join the server, pop in, send me a DM or note me with what you wanna be, and I'll get you color-coded.
Since it's just me, there's a lot I'm taking on my shoulders right now, but I'd rather be overworked than wallowing in a blanket on the couch feeling pathetic. This way I'm productive.
and if I can be productive, I can be happy.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns or have anything else you want to talk about, feel free to let me know :)
I'm nervous and stressed to all hell, but I am really looking forward to actually enjoying myself again.

Introducing Cathal!
I have been super duper uber excited to get this guy in the story. I had to keep pushing it back and back and back because of rewrites and cuts and extensions, so eventually I just went "Okay, stop. look at your plot, it's a frick'n mess, you've had to rewrite every chapter after four so far, and it's ridiculous. sit down, redo it. and don't forget the people you need."
So I did. I sat down, rewrote chapter after chapter until my big Hiatus, and then I couldn't do it anymore. I had to keep adapting and changing everything and retconning it to fit with how the next chapters were to start, only to have to go back and completely rewrite it, it was driving me nuts.
About halfway through sitting down to plan out seven, I looked over my noted for how the rest of the story was supposed to go....and it was genuinely terrible. At the time, it would have been fine, had I stuck to the narrative, but because of the changes I made to improve the story and cover plot holes, it didn't stand as sturdy as it once did. So I had to really think about what I wanted to do with Mitigation, how I wanted to tell the story. I read notes and thumbs from previous chapters, chapter thumbs I had to scrap halfway through because I had to redo the whole thing, future chapters, timeline, the whole story and I realized I couldn't do this to myself. If I did, I would have fallen into the same pit that every abandoned comic does when the Author gets to that point.

At this point in time, I have rewritten the entire rest of the main story of Mitigation. The entire fifteen chapters has now been reduced to 13. As we stand now, we are halfway through this story, and I'm both excited and apprehensive. So much has changed from the beginning to get to this point, and as harrowing and time-consuming as this journey has been thus far...It's still totally worth it.

"Okay, that's great and all, but what does this have to do with Cathal? Is that teh Ferligatr?"
If you older readers remember, I had a bit of a hiatus between chapters One and Two where I hadn't written anything down yet and wasn't sure where the plot was going at all because I was making it up as I went and was running out of ideas. Namely because I couldn't keep anything on my mind for more than a few seconds. I had some ideas, but nothing concrete.
I asked you guys to be mean to me. To insult me and motivate me to keep going. To actually be angry that the comic you were slowly falling in love with wasn't going to be updating for quite a while. Some of you were very sympathetic, telling me "take all the time you need" and that you could, and would, gladly wait for an update.
But some of you actually delivered. Pulling out sarcastic insults and horrendous metaphors that did end up motivating me to get off my ass and work.

One moreso than the rest.

@XlvMckaydvlX wrote a long-winded satirical bash at my lack of productivity, insulting my pride and threatening the use of black magic 'All in the name of getting you to update. and it was all for NOTHING!'
This immediately spawned inspiration.
I took a notebook, sectioned off an area for Mitigation, and I wrote. I wrote and wrote and wrote, for days, weeks, months. Getting an outline, planning the draft, looking up research, planning the narrative. Heck, the first instance of making thumbnails happened very shortly after this comment.

I had thanked everyone for motivating me as soon as Chapter two started, but for McKayd, it didn't feel like enough. So I asked if he had an OC he wanted in the story, and he did. After a little back and forth, I found a place for Cathal in my story. And despite all of the hiccups, I wanted to make sure I delivered at least this.
It's been a long time coming, but he's finally here.

So thank you so much, to everyone who's been angrily motivating me since we started back in 2014.
And thank you so much, McKayd. I'm sorry it took so long, but your boi is finally on screen

I hope to do him justice :)


(TL;DR? When I ask you guys to yell at me, do it.)
I'M the monster??
I kill swaths of named characters important to other characters and the plot ON SCREEN and it's fine, but Giritina forbid I kill one unnamed, unspoken character with no pertinence to the story whatsoever off screen.

Please explain this contradiction to me. It does not compute.
So Much Going On. Omg.
First and Foremost, Obviously the Monster Project wasn't done by Halloween. No worries. Still gonna make it. I feel like I need to make something outside of Pokemon at some point or another because Mitigation won't be around forever, it will eventually end. I'm hoping by that point, I'll have a story of my own to tell; and posting one now, no matter how short it is, is a great intro not only for myself but also to you guys so by the time I finally have that story ready to go, I'll have an interest from people outside the Pokemon fandom as well.
I know I'm not the only one that isn't a Poke-Exclusive fan.

Second: I'm going to be finishing up this chapter and sitting down for a little bit to finish writing Mitigation. As of now, I'm only about halfway through the outline, but I'm not entirely sure how well that draft will hold up. I won't be taking a break for it, but I'm just letting you know, plans are changing and so is the story.

Third thing is related to the second: I'm going to be opening the discord server here in a few weeks. I've got all the rules set up and I'm trusting you all to follow them, but be warned of the consequences if you don't.
There, I'll be open for conversation, theories, and will be asking you all advice here and there whenever I'm stuck. You'll all be free to converse and chat with one another as well in our own little community, so you've got that to look forward to.
And if you happen to have read my story: Of Fey and Moor on DA, well....let's just say I'm looking for beta readers for the next case file :) let me know if you're interested, and I'll get you a link to the draft.

Fourth: I am always open to suggestions for designs on Redbubble. if there's anything you want to see, tell me! I'll be mostly drawing bits and pieces from my own time DMing or Playing, but you are always welcome to suggest design elements or themes you think would look cool!

Fifth: legit question and a debate I've had for the last five years. Which story sounds more interesting::
Option A: A revenge story in which the MC is dead and overworks themself to forget their problems, good luck kid.
Option B: An Isekai where the MC actually goes back and forth inbetween and has to balance their own place in either.

Please please please respond to this if nothing else. I need to throw one or both of these out, and I am so tired of fighting it!

Thankyou thankyou, I'm looking forward to driving myself insane!
@ John: I think I like the Black when using greyscale. I don't want to have that fight with myself over what shade of grey represents what type. Thinking that was my original intent. iunno.

@XlvMckaydvlX: HAHA! Bold of you to assume I did this on purpose!

@BudgieGryphon: *sweats* I don't know what you're talking about!

@Murp: People, No. Pokemon? possibly.

@darth deebious the wise: Heck Yeah. Normal types are my jam!
@Legosamurai732: wow, three? You think it'll take them that long?

@darth deebious the wise: Too bad they can't use Hyper Fang. this match would be over in an instant.

@AssaultBird2454 & @Murp: Guys. Seriously. Please stop spamming. you can edit your comments. Do so. Please also take all reply threads to PM, and if you feel you must reply to this. Edit your comment. I will not say this again.
(2) That's all I ask. I can't speak for others, but I'm really not a fan of spam on static posts. With chatrooms, it's okay(to an extent), but try not to do it here
Early Replies
@Ves: You make a good point there! However, Given Arbok's natural abilities like Intimidate, would you consider that a survival tactic or a dominance tactic?

@Murp: Please refrain from spamming the comments and harassing other readers, you can edit any one of your comments to address more than one person.
If you're on mobile, you won't see the alt text, but I assure you, it's there.

@Miyto: I remember that! as cool as it is, I'm going to stick to an easier method of interpretation. An alternative type that only manifests when using the move "Hidden Power" I feel like that's way easier to manage ;w;
@Flamel & @XlvMckaydvlX: gotta do what ya gotta do. even if it ain't always glamorous :3

@Murp: Both my roommates do. They've got a handgun apiece they carry for personal protection. I'm not fond of firearms, but I respect them.

@Leosamurai732: It isn't the first, it will not be the last >:3
@Gamegod018: I literally do not even rememebr what it was, lol

@darth deebious the wise: What's this??? EVIDENCE?!

@XlvMckaydvlX: I meant...for the DA thing....

@KirbyandPokemonFan: Well, you gotta get that exposition somehow
(2) welp, what can ya do ¯\_( ◉ 3 ◉ )_/¯
@Thedoggoking: Is it real or in your miiiinnnddd?????

@XlvMckaydvlX: Lol, I know, right?
I think I might. It's much easier to write updates on that anyway. Just unsure if I should post them as journal entries, or cave and use the status update system.
This coulda gone a lot smoother
I feel like Nero should bring out more of the businessman persona and just... talk, lol

Alright guys, I know you don't want to hear this, but I'm gonna have to take the next week off. The batch is done, it's just to work on my Monster Project.
I grossly underestimated how long working traditionally takes, having not done it in forever.

Fear not, we'll be back soon. and I'm really looking forward to it!

See you soon!
Something Stupid
Just realized while working on this page that I didn't try to signify the type of move used with different shades of grey. Found that out when I looked back in a previous chapter for a reference. I feel like I should go back and change the moves here...but...effort.
Idk, you tell me. Go back to black or try to stick with this?
Ugh. Art.
This next batch is giving me way too much trouble. I'm really looking forward to it though. Hopefully I can get it done soon.

I'll post another update on the Monster project sometime this week, so keep an eye out for that.
Honestly, I forgot how boring it was to translate thumbs to a larger setting on paper. it's so much more exciting on comp, lol. But i'll try to get it done as soon as I can.

The last few weeks have been...interesting, for lack of a better term.
Arbok Are Interesting
I did some googling to see if I could find a decent face for Arbok's hood, and while there were some pretty neat designs, there wasn't much information about the different faces and what they represent; which made me kinda sad, but I get it. The only Pokemon media that explored it were the Manga, and even then it was mostly in passing. Still very interesting.
I like the think of the faces as a bit of a dominance strategy that doubles for hunting?
Like, the Arbok with the biggest, scariest face on their hood is top snake, but it can also terrify/mesmerize prey, depending on what it looks like.
It would certainly help to explain it's ability to use moves like 'Leer,' 'Glare' and 'Scary Face.'

What do you think?
I've never fought with Arbok, so this was really cool to learn
See you Monday!