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I write, draw, LP and sometimes give advice on writing/drawing. Still trying to free-draw in my downtime, not like I get much these days, but I try.
Fair warning: I do take occasional breaks from updating to work on commissions, so if there's no monday update, there won't be one that week (keeps the schedule flake-free)

Other Stuff About Me:
Average height, Dyed Red hair, huge fan of poketheories everywhere (and redheads)
Fave Pokemon: Skitty, Cyndaquil, Eevee, Jolteon. in that order.
Fave Fakemon: Arctus

Current Stories:
- Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Mitigation(fanmade: updates on Mon, Wed, and Fri.)
- DragonQuest IX(adaptation: Hiatus for the foreseeable future)

- Life in Zombieland (TBA)

Misc Stories:
Brain Farts and Taco Frijoles: (updates whenever, no set schedule)
No, I'm Not Dead.
And despite the overwhelming majority believing otherwise, neither is the comic.

Last update:Good news is: I'm well on my way to finishing up the chapter. Got most of the pages lined, and while a few still need to be blacked, almost all of them have their alpha layers and background details done. I can probably get the rest of them done within the week if life and time permits (and that's me making VERY generous assumptions)

Also: Just to keep everyone on the same page, I've deleted everyone's comments from the last update; but don't you worry. I've screenshotted them all and will keep them on a file and close to my heart TTwTT
You guys have no idea how much it meant to see that you still cared that much about Mitigation. So from the bottom of my heart and the heart of my bottom: Thank You
Also Also: If you guys are bored, I've posted part two of Of Fey and Moor on my deviant art, so go ahead and check that out if you're interested. I've been doing a lot of research in writing that too and I'd love to know your thoughts

June 11th update:Progress has been made, people. We are doing this!
As of right now, all of the raws for the rest of this chapter are finished. I've also redone the cover page and now the ambigram is legible (though, I will shamefully admit to using a generator to make it)
Work has been it's normal stressful self and my DM has made another campaign for her senior project and I'm participating in that as well

While I could easily finish up the pages and get posting started today, I'm gonna spend this next week working over and finish drawing out chapter seven and get a couple batches done. I've got a decent start and a concrete idea of where I'm going.

Also: To make sure I get them finished, and because you all liked the idea, I'll be recording each batch as I make them and posting them with more terrible fanfiction in time. Fanfic suggestions are always welcome. I love seeing what terrible terrible terribleness people can dig up :) Just send me a note either on here or my DA and maybe, just maybe, your suggestion will be narrating my insanity!

Thank you all for your patience and for sticking through this hiatus. I am now at a point where you can all start yelling at me and demanding updates again!

I'm looking forward to it, and I'll see you all again soon
I'd sit around the campfire for that story
@Daz Keaty: And thus the true evil of Hyrule is discovered. Not the Lord Ganon or the wizard Vaati. No not even Zant and his army of twili monsters.
But one foolish child riding a horse into battle followed by an army of bloodthirsty poultry
ahh~ I remember those days
I remember in Ocarina, I would get on Epona and run over Cucoos until they started attacking and then run around the farm with an army of cucoos following me.
I felt like a king followed by loyal henchmen because I discovered something very wonderful. Cucoos can't hurt you when you're riding your horse.
(don't know if the same rules apply these days, but it's worth a try)
@effsnares: The only way they'd look good with that much facial hair is if it was a full-on mane. Like... Lion's mane.
Picture it
Yes... They did!
This is actually really interesting! I love the art style too, looking forward to more ^^
Dude, that is beautiful.
I look at my old art all the time, lol. if nothing else than to remind me how far I came, but DAMN was I angsty!
lol, so bad, but that's the only art I have for some of my OC's because I'm too lazy to redraw any
I should probably burn them, too ;w;
this is why you don't fk with mythical creatures and their pets
Dammit, Atty! You were so close! You coulda just walked away, but no~ had to be an honest guy like George!
@Liokora: How...GRAND! du-dun tsh! XDXD
omg, Surge junior! That is adorable!!
*stares at gifs for a few minutes*
uh.. Yeaaahhh... I think I'm with Warren on this one.
Anyone got a spare board I can borrow?
Iten's Right, There Should Be More People
And there would have been, had I not effed up.
Completely my fault. utterly and undeniably.
So please, celebrate the birth of this comic by berating it's creator for not giving you what you came here for!

@renandathedewott: lol, someone's excited

@SlyRiolu: Yeah...The Manga style comics tend to be a lot easier to understand when you read them the way you're supposed to.

@Shadow_Strikr: There was already a gag page this chapter. There will not be another.
Replies + me being stupid
@NaoFaria: NUUU!! D: You're supposed to say "Get off your lazy butt and do your pages, slacker!" XD

@rave917: My ninja weasel has the hots for an angel dude...very interesting party
Late Replies, And Yet STILL So Full of Snark!
@Everyone: I apologize if you've already seen my replies to you, my brain is everywhere this week to the point I thought about half-past noon on Monday was Tuesday. I is a bad person.

@NaoFaria: in short: stressful. In long? Painfully stressful and I wish I could sleep for days~

@Tehpikachu: I'm not gonna argue because I wrote a rant on this topic a while back and it says about everything I think it needs to. If you don't agree with it, that's totally fine.
I'm mostly mad at myself a good portion of the time.

@SlyRiolu: Writing is hard period... there are ways to make it easier, but it's still hard ;~;

@wifijoe: OBJECTION! I call to the stand "Chapter Three's Cover Page!" and the Alt text on those following up to 03-18.
TL:DR? Not Iten's house. Surprise≠Shock (ಠxಠ)
married couple issues XD
@wifijoe: we'll get another one in this next batch of chicks. I'm gonna end up carrying them around the house to get them to like me.

@InfinitySquirrel: I think a couple days ago, i dunno.
To do that, I'd have to update my comic to a Donator comic, which is something like $10 a month, which I can't afford. The only other thing would be opening a gofundme, Patreon, or other creator funding place. I chose Patreon because it looked the simplest to create, even if I'm not totally sold on the idea of getting my readers' money.

@PossumFlavored: I draw in many ways and styles =w= having style-consistency in one project really helps.