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is he about to steal a kiss? :D
@Evilsnail11: are you triggered by the use of the word "triggered?" O.o
cant you do both patreon and smackjeeves?
April 6th, 2018
Yaaaaayyyy!!! welcome back :D
yaaaaaaaas!!! can you post a link for your patreon plz
love the new style ;)
lmao this pg cracked me up xD
nooooo please dont give up on this comic, im dying to know where you wanted to take it :(
prove him wrong kim!
lol posted on the first day of hannukah. happy holidays!!
October 30th, 2017
awww radan is really pissed :(
gotta say its so nice seeing updates on this comic.. i was reading it years ago and was pleasantly surprised when i saw an update. cant wait to see more, thanks for starting up again!!

i love that despite the trickery hes still feeling more of a connection with shizu :D
im really confused by this whole scene.. is it supposed to be a flashback or something?

i definitely missed something >.<
incubus powers activate!
ah its been awhile, welcome back :)
why is gannets peewee out in the 3rd panel? O.O
damn that guys a teacher?? i was actually hoping for an alternative here :(
oh nooo! whats painful?? the sex itself or the fact that its with hayden? or both?? T-T

ugh this isnt how it should be with those 2 :( there needs to be a mutual love, onesided is too heartbreaking for both of them
i love you soooo much for giving me that image of winter soldier/cp america <333
i hope this is a new love interest because drew sure as hell doesnt deserve the honor of that role