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im really confused by this whole scene.. is it supposed to be a flashback or something?

i definitely missed something >.<
incubus powers activate!
ah its been awhile, welcome back :)
why is gannets peewee out in the 3rd panel? O.O
damn that guys a teacher?? i was actually hoping for an alternative here :(
oh nooo! whats painful?? the sex itself or the fact that its with hayden? or both?? T-T

ugh this isnt how it should be with those 2 :( there needs to be a mutual love, onesided is too heartbreaking for both of them
i love you soooo much for giving me that image of winter soldier/cp america <333
i hope this is a new love interest because drew sure as hell doesnt deserve the honor of that role
ugh drew is being such a scumbag i rly thought he would care :( i pegged him as a better/braver person... i mean he didnt have to come out or anything just be a fucking good person that doesnt like seeing pple get treated like shit, especially pple he was friends with at a point >:-[
one of the exes is gonna pull on his wings to tease and then shits gonna go down O.O
does he even realize hes grabbing ass? i feel like its just a reflex at this point <3
so whose fist is that in that last panel??

great now someones about to trip him and were his shoes stolen?! >:-[
aah could it be hayden at the door? i have a feeling it isnt >.<
so my guess is that hayden will now put some distance between them and mars will start missing him and realize he might like him! (i hope im right or i hope at least the end result is right)
omg these are way too precious <3
January 30th, 2017
ugh i cant. they havent even started dating officially yet and theyre already such a legit couple... honestly, i have so much love for these two <3
aahhh hes getting it in kylees hair!!! hes gonna have the soak his head in there now.. at least the hairy parts of it >.<

dont get me wrong, seeing him ruffle his hair gives me life but i also see the rash on the hand he used so i cant help but worry now
@Tamerlane: aahh ok thanks for the clarification ;)
hmm i guess im a little confused about something.. but if mars is actually haydens zoipan then wouldnt them hooking up make that clear to hayden?? like isnt it something hes supposed to be able to tell once hes kissed his zoipan???

this would be pretty sad if he has those feelings for mars and it turns out mars isnt his zoipan :(

also yea this situation in general is kinda harmful for both of them if mars is continuing to pretend its nate and hayden is allowing that just for the chance to makeout with mars.. which is def the case atm since hes still calling him 'marshall' :(

EDIT: wait!! its actually mars that should be able to tell right?? since he wouldnt pass out or lose a ton of energy in which case i could understand more now if he didnt realize since they seem to be doing it right before bed each night so hes technically knocking out right after anyway