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dont forget areitus is fully drained right now! if they plan to go in at all i rly hope they send a couple sneaky pple to scout first to check if its safe
is it intentional that cass' shirt makes her look like shes been wrapped in bandages?
@Moondragon: lmao thanks for pointing that out xDDD
@Auldr: oh i rly hope she came clean *fingers crossed*
wait, are the 3 of them sharing the same room?!
@Poppy: kylee was beaten up by those guys! thats enough proof that he didnt do anything wrong, he couldnt have beaten himself up then passed out by a burning barn just to make it look like he wasnt responsible
@happy1: kylee is clearly suffering from the smoke inhalation, the second he tried to say something he started coughing his brains out and kim i assume cant handle seeing kylee this beat up and hurt i have a feeling his mostly agry because of that so he stormed off when he saw kylee could barely speak without hurting himself more.. as for the art, thats probably just you, klyee looks a bit different but hes been beaten and burned so...
@LonLonMarin:interesting, i assumed he was just using that hand to shut the door
is he about to steal a kiss? :D
@Evilsnail11: are you triggered by the use of the word "triggered?" O.o
cant you do both patreon and smackjeeves?
April 6th, 2018
Yaaaaayyyy!!! welcome back :D
yaaaaaaaas!!! can you post a link for your patreon plz
love the new style ;)
lmao this pg cracked me up xD
nooooo please dont give up on this comic, im dying to know where you wanted to take it :(
prove him wrong kim!
lol posted on the first day of hannukah. happy holidays!!
October 30th, 2017
awww radan is really pissed :(
gotta say its so nice seeing updates on this comic.. i was reading it years ago and was pleasantly surprised when i saw an update. cant wait to see more, thanks for starting up again!!

i love that despite the trickery hes still feeling more of a connection with shizu :D