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I know how business works! You take a trend and run with it!

Ah, also, I'm going to Michigan in about a day and a half, so I'll be pretty busy (again). I hope I'll have time to draw, but I'm seeing a good friend and we're going to be going to an anime convention! Lots of stuff to do! So, no promises, friends.

Hope you all have a great weekend!
Hi, friends!

I'm sorry I've been quiet the last couple of weeks. I just started a new full time position at an office, so I'm pretty busy. I'm getting the hang of it (maybe?), so hopefully I will be back to updating on a consistent basis.

Until further notice, however, I will be posting on a 'as I can' schedule. It will no longer be weekly, but rather when I can manage to get a page made. Some weeks might be more active than others, but it's going to be more sporadic than before. I hope you all understand, and thank you for liking and reading this comic!!

As for this quick strip, I recently finished Stone Ocean. If any of you are JJBA fans, I'm sure you understand where my heart ache is coming from...
Sometimes the week goes by faster than I can comprehend and then this happens.
Woah, I almost forgot that it's Sunday! Oops!

This is some psuedo-deep thought comic. Nothing funny but whatever, you know how it is sometimes! Right? ... Yeah.
Technically, it's not Sunday yet... Where *I* am! Haha, time zones can be beneficial for me when I need them to be.

Meet Clint! He's Lilja's boyfriend. I hang out with them often, and have slowly started to make a den in their house. I think I left a hairbrush over there, I'm so embarrassed, but it's all a part of the master plan...

If you correctly guess what anime we're talking about, you'll win nothing. But, it'd still be cool if you guessed.
It seems I fell a little behind this week! I haven't been too terribly swamped, I just had a lot of projects starting and going on, and I really didn't feel like making a comic this week.

Hopefully this won't be a reoccurring habit!! I'll do my best.
@Minami_Paku: well, i think it's really admirable that you kept your hair like that! i'm so spontaneous so i end up making a few mistakes... but i hope someday you can have the short hair you want!!
I was a little lazy this week! I didn't make an actual page... Sorry!

But I realized I've already had one hair change just since I started doing this comic! I figured I'd show you some more of my (major) hair changes. This really does happen a lot due to work or because of my crazy changing tastes. If my hair is suddenly different in the comic, just know it's not too crazy!

I think the one I liked least was the "undercut". It looked good for a day, and then I couldn't get it to style correctly... After a short time, I asked my mom to shave my head. No more!

Do you have a haircut that you regret? I think it's funny, but it's all okay. It grows back!
@Minami_Paku: Haha well I can't name any full ones off the top of my head, but I'm pretty sure I've seen 'Buttz' as a last name during my time there. I can't remember any of the names but I remember the feelings of pity I feel when I see them.
It's fun to have a job where you look at people's names, because you'll come across some really neat ones. Or funny ones. Or ones that makes you say "oh that's unfortunate".
Rero rero rero rero rero rero rero rero.
A Girl Named Dwayne, now in glorious technicolor!!!!

A new member takes the stage: Lilja! She'll be in a lot of comics, since she's the person I spend most of my time with...

And yes, Walmart Parking lot Selfies are a thing here, apparently. I don't know why?
I'm a little miffed, since I now must change the banner. But, pink hair (or, in this case, pink/weird orange-blonde/brown hair) is worth all pain.
And the moral of the story is: always compliment peoples' clothes, because they might have a random duplicate in their car that they will give to you.
@Squirreltastic-Blue: i use my middle name now when it comes to taking order.
my name is pronounced phonetically, idk how much easier it can get for people lol
@Sasoman @orcaartist Well, my comic won't have yaoi in it! My friend's comic is called It's Not Yaoi and it's hosted on Smackjeeves too! But his doesn't have yaoi in it either. Hence the title.
I was told not to upload this until next week, but phooey on that, I have a website to impress! From now on, though, pages will be uploaded on Sundays.

But, for real, this actually happened. I can not stress that enough. This is 100% a true event, none of it is fictional. Please, let that sink in. LET IT SINK IN.
It's Happening
I've been convinced.