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Hey! I was previously on this website as Aiko-Kcie:
I decided to get a fresh start after a few years of being away. My drawing style has changed a little since my other webcomics, so I'm starting new ones. I'm horrible at sticking with schedules and I tend to have long periods of time when I can't inspire myself to draw anything, but I love art and translating my ideas and feelings into pictures. Thank you for viewing my page and comics in advance!!! ^_^
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I loved this story! Amazing job! I loved the flashbacks throughout as well!
@LotusQueen: Thank you!!! ^^
Hello again!!!
It has been too long since I updated this comic. I just wanted to say hi! We just got our scanner up and running again, so there is nothing stopping me from updating this more often now.
I missed this comic so much while you were on hiatus. Welcome back!!!
ErrePi, if you ever print this comic, I really want to buy it!!! >_< And I also think he should go with the medium.
@ErrePi: Good luck with making a decision!!!
Apologies for the constant change in sizing and quality. Our scanner is broken so I had to use the one at my college.
Wahhh!!! This is going to be in print! So excited!!! ^^
@Renegade: Haha, yes. Or he is just really tall....
Making the pages smaller for this chapter so the comic is easier to read. I think I may have to go through and re-upload chapter one eventually. Sorry if it was difficult to read. >_<