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Hiya, I'm Ariel. I'm the writer for both the Legends of Treali Manga, and the novel which can be found on amazon under "Legends of Treali: Dawn of the Dragonia". I work with a very talented artist to make the manga MZ Chin, who also takes commissions through Deviantart under Hisoku-no-sora. If you have any questions for me, feel free to ask~ I have been working on this story for quite awhile now and will keep posting the pages as they are finished~
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After a long hiatus with life plans and long planned trips we've returned to Treali once again! We're going to be posting as frequently as possible here in the manga but also in the Trealian Post on tumblr. Our tumblr page will have other artwork and sketches from not only Min-Zhi and myself but other artist helping me co-lab on the Treali rpg currently in production as well. Feel free to post comment and questions! Thanks for the continued support!
@dracone: fixed~ Not sure what happened, but it should work now
Follow us on tumblr @ for our current projects like the Treali rpg we are currently working on as well as my unique handmade piggle puff plushies that will be going on sale shortly!
Find us on facebook under Treali Followers for exclusive character sheets and updates!
We're finally back! We had allot of complications trying to get things running again but we're trying to get back to posting at least every two weeks at least pretty soon. Keep posted!
Sorry about the delay everyone, but we are now caught up with my artists' work thus far so i will update as soon as the new page is finished. Stay tuned! :3
Sorry it's a day late but i got it done lol
@Chokolatte: glad you like it :3
So, i'll be updating this comic by one or two pages each Monday. :3 I'll see everyone next week~
thank you :3