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Lover of manga, anime, video games, NCIS, Mythbusters, yaoi, Star Wars, Star Trek, Monster High (hey, better than Barbie!) and Japanese music. I also write fanfictions for deviantart and *phew!*
I never ever want to do a Nuzlocke challenge, mainly because I have a tendency to get pulled into a game's story, get attached to characters, and by extension get attached to the Pokemon I'm raising. It's gotten even worse with the Pokemon Amie/Refresh mechanics in recent games. I'm already anal about Pokemon fainting in battle, but treating them like they're dead if they faint? I can't handle it, man T_T
Ahhh, Breath of the Wild hijinks ahead! This game is so much fun, and my bf and I have had a lot of fun with it :)

Of course, there was the one time he pulled a metal sword out in a storm and was immediately zapped by lightning, which I may have laughed a little too hard at XD
And this is why I either A: try my damnedest to look for a walkthrough with no talking, or B: if Markiplier and/or Jacksepticeye is playing the game, watch their playthrough cuz at least those two actually are funny and fun to watch.
@VampLover2012: Awww, lil laffy Sapphy! She and Ruby are so stinkin' cute! <3
@Mccull61: to be fair, I'm kind of a crybaby myself, so I can sympathize with Brynn here, although he has way more reason to do so while I somehow end up crying over silly things. (Not sure if anxiety or what, I dunno) Not sure how my bf puts up with me ^^;
This game is pretty much Spec Ops: The Line all over again, isn't it? You do something terrible (or that the game considers terrible) and the game itself will remind you every step of the way what a horrible person you are :P
Just my opinion, but I've always liked the "falling over in disbelief" trope; that one has always made me smile or even crack up! ^^

The "perceived pervert" trope, however, seriously needs to stop! >.<;;
Oh my god, starting the day without coffee is not fun. One time I forgot to buy coffee (and I had two days off work), so I ended up going without coffee for two days! It. Was. Painful! >.<
@Daz Keaty: Ah okay, my bad ^^;
@Daz Keaty: Just block him; jerks like him aren't worth it. -_- Unless you're gonna out-troll him, in which case you're doing a good job so far :)
Hey, I thought that was Gannet! And Adrian, too! Only one I don't know is Liam, but that's okay cuz I'm going over to the comic to check him out!

...I'm going to check out Liam's comic. ^^;
That's awesome! Congrats, hon! And best of luck at pharmacy school! :D
@HappyKitsune77: I know right? The weather can't make up its mind enough? Nooo, it has to be even worse in spring. At least it feels like summer right now; lovin' it! :D
@ElectronicYaoi: Thanks, dude! And luckily it did; it feels like summer right now! :D

You'd think after living in PA for all my 20+ years of existence I'd be used to the crazy weather, but nope :/
Totally understandable, dude. Hope you enjoy your time there!

Those sakura blossoms look gorgeous! Wish it was like that over here in PA; we just had snow this morning and are expecting more. Yaaay... -_-
Lol, Derryl would've been in real trouble if I were there; FF9 happens to be my favorite in the series. Hee hee, that Zidane... ^^
Oh, for the love of god...
Both of you tell your sides of the story already!!!

*phew* Sorry, had to say it. Hope it works out!
I'm more bummed by the endless amount of rain my town seems to be getting. Lousiest. Summer. EVER!

Cute page, and I gotta say your art really seems to be getting better and I like it! :)

As for music, I actually enjoy listening to Of Monsters and Men while I'm writing; I always get these fantastical images in my head when I listen to their songs, and it's overall relaxing.
Ohhh crap...

Aki, all I can say is break it to him gently but firmly.
Darned censorship... I'm sorry to hear you got that message.

Good luck setting up the site; I can't wait to see it! ^^