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I like video games, ice cream, sonic, and smackjevess
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what about ask the sonic universe
not A lot of battling anymore is there
i agree
You can change, you just don't know how but chelsa can show you how

get your faith in the next comic right?
metal sonic
how does it feel to be alive
actually sonic's really middle name is maurice
Sonic doesn't kill

metal admits he can die he knows he can be truly alive but doesn't want to be
My bro wants to ask questions
@Archemidias: in the future when knuckles has a child you will train him to be the next guardian. his annoying irritating, and loud-mouthed son. he will save albion from the dingos

@knuckles: you marry rouge in the future and have a daughter named deliala that goes out with shadow's son. and a son named rick that becomes the new guardian and likes shadow's daughter
or even better have metal sonic become organic

Cough cough BEM cough
have him have a gamma moment have him realize he can make his own purpose
Yo Zonic
The zone - hopping demi-god Maximillion and his "father" the life rock have just captured eggman nega in a pocket dimension. he threatens to release himand his entire army to attack the zone jail if you do not call off the zone cops that keep hounding him for "illegal" tampering in other zones. he is decoupled from the zones he belongs to all zones timelines so he is not tampering illegally so call them off. btw he is a demi-god so he can kill you or warden zobotnik if he wanted
With my amazing powers i know that sonics body is currently holding the CPU of metal sonic while metal sonic's body is a empty shell
metal sonic
so metal the only logical conclusion is to beat sonic, you must become the good guy and sonic must become the bad guy
Metal? sonic
Why don't you make it so tails rebuilds metal sonic without the desire to kill sonic and be him and give him a second chance at a new free life
thrash the tasmanian
here have a master emerald it's fun
thrash the tasmanian
hello take this master emerald but don't ask where you got it from
uh oh it seems you have torn reality around you however using my powers of time sight i know where you will all land. knuckles will be teleported to a timeline where Dr. eggman rules the world, sonic will travel to a dimension where he and shadow's roles are switched, tails will travel to the time before the xorda bombed the humans basically before mobious, and amy will be the only safe traveling safely back into tenko's apartment
Dr. eggman
i saw this one and cringed in fear apperently you create a new form for sonic called electo sonic by violently electrocuting him three times in a row and making him plasma and control electicity but sonic goes insane and destroyed everything until espio beat him. then electro splits bodies with sonic along with dark sonic and fleetway sonic and they become the doppleganger trio takeover the ark and plot to rule the world i tell you this to warn you NEVER TRY TO VIOLENTLY ELECTICUCTE SONIC

that is all
ummm the future holds a good fate for you a loving wife, 2 kids, a position of power as the vice-president, you kill sonic at least twice and both times he revives, and you get a brother