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@lumihone: Aw mirci beaucoup! Contente qu'elle plaise :D
For his evolution, Pasku go a full page !!! ;D
@Aura flame: Ahah yeah, it is !! :p
@JollySyko: Yeah! With... "style" ahah :p
It's happening!! \o/
@AShinyFemaleEevee: That's so nice to you!! *^*
Farwell elegance, all that matter is to win!!!
They don't even pay attention to their trainers now :p
@Connor: Ash is such a mystery... °_°;
@42Meep: Yeah!! It's Agnès in french but I don't know for other countries XD
@Aura flame: Fluffyness is too irresistible :p
@fyreblazes: He's a mâle hehe ^^;
Have you ever seen a sheep-like Eevee...? Now you do ! xD
@WiispNightmare: Even if it's an other gen... i'm sure she could do it naturaly!!! XD
@XExoPantherX: Ahah I agree with 42Meep! Aww your picture is so cute >o<
Now it's serious matter... °_°
@TheJGamer: Ahhh you're right! I meant "weekend" hehe :3 Thanks for noticed me!
@TheJGamer: Aww thank you !! I'm glad you like it :3
@WiispNightmare: You made it Maka ! >o<