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Hello everyone.

I'm sorry to answer only now, I understand your frustration about this comic not continuing that comic.

As I said, big changes in my life happened. I know that to you one page in a while is "nothing" but it's still about 10-15h of unpaid work a page. After working the whole week, trying to sort out life, etc, I don't have any motivation for more. I've actually basically stopped drawing since that happened.

I'm sorry for keeping quiet the whole time, even if life can be rough, it's nowhere an excuse and I should have took the time to update about the situation.

Again, sorry to everyone who felt offended. I can't tell if I will pick up again this comic at some point.
Hi everyone!!

This page will be the last one for a while! Unfortunatly, I will need to work a lot on the next months and then, I may move oversea. I wont be able to buy a new tablet right away so... I can't really tell when I will be able to work on pokemon Alpha again :(

Thank you to all who have read me so far :)
@Lady Darkrina: Ahh thanks!! :D Sometimes I feel a bit depressed about my work, but I look at the first pages I made and I think that even if I'm still not satified, at least, I made progress :3
Happy halloween everyone!! I hope you guys ate a lot of candies :p
@-FluorescentScales-: Yeah... he's destroying his own stuff!! I wonder how gym leaders are able to pay for fixing their gyms ahah :p
@Ginger: Hehe yes she is!! It's a girl fight!! xD
What do you think you're doing, Raichu ? :']
@WiispNightmare: Ahahah this poor Raichu!!! Well, I too, don't want to see him win!! :p
@Guest: Ahah yeah!! He will vomit his guts, poor thing xD
@Holy_Giratina: Thank you very much!!! :D
September 17th, 2017
Heya everyone~ ! ^-^

As you can see, I just opened a Ko-Fi page! (thanks to Luna for suggesting it to me! :D )

The idea is, that you can “pay a coffee to the artist”! So if you liked some of my work and feel like helping me a bit, you can do it there!! :3

You will find my page on the following link :

Thank you for reading me!!! ^-^
@Neolancer: Ahhh ! Now I understand! Fun one!!! XD
@fggytgff345: Ohhh I didn't knew that! Well, it makes sense!
@Neolancer: I'm not sure of whqt you're talking about, but it sound fun hehe :D
I remembered that the anime, the Raichu from this gym had Mega Kick! But it's not supposed to learn it.. Maybe that's a special training of this gym's Raichus *^*
@Guest: Ahhh!!! That one is sooo epic! \('w')/
@WildfireK: Yay!! Come all over, friends!!! :D Let's live a pokemon adventure together *^*
@lumihone: Aw mirci beaucoup! Contente qu'elle plaise :D
For his evolution, Pasku go a full page !!! ;D
@Aura flame: Ahah yeah, it is !! :p