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Hi everyone!!

This page will be the last one for a while! Unfortunatly, I will need to work a lot on the next months and then, I may move oversea. I wont be able to buy a new tablet right away so... I can't really tell when I will be able to work on pokemon Alpha again :(

Thank you to all who have read me so far :)
@Lady Darkrina: Ahh thanks!! :D Sometimes I feel a bit depressed about my work, but I look at the first pages I made and I think that even if I'm still not satified, at least, I made progress :3
Happy halloween everyone!! I hope you guys ate a lot of candies :p
@-FluorescentScales-: Yeah... he's destroying his own stuff!! I wonder how gym leaders are able to pay for fixing their gyms ahah :p
@Ginger: Hehe yes she is!! It's a girl fight!! xD
What do you think you're doing, Raichu ? :']
@WiispNightmare: Ahahah this poor Raichu!!! Well, I too, don't want to see him win!! :p
@Guest: Ahah yeah!! He will vomit his guts, poor thing xD
@Holy_Giratina: Thank you very much!!! :D
September 17th, 2017
Heya everyone~ ! ^-^

As you can see, I just opened a Ko-Fi page! (thanks to Luna for suggesting it to me! :D )

The idea is, that you can “pay a coffee to the artist”! So if you liked some of my work and feel like helping me a bit, you can do it there!! :3

You will find my page on the following link :

Thank you for reading me!!! ^-^
@Neolancer: Ahhh ! Now I understand! Fun one!!! XD
@fggytgff345: Ohhh I didn't knew that! Well, it makes sense!
@Neolancer: I'm not sure of whqt you're talking about, but it sound fun hehe :D
I remembered that the anime, the Raichu from this gym had Mega Kick! But it's not supposed to learn it.. Maybe that's a special training of this gym's Raichus *^*
@Guest: Ahhh!!! That one is sooo epic! \('w')/
@WildfireK: Yay!! Come all over, friends!!! :D Let's live a pokemon adventure together *^*
@lumihone: Aw mirci beaucoup! Contente qu'elle plaise :D
For his evolution, Pasku go a full page !!! ;D
@Aura flame: Ahah yeah, it is !! :p
@JollySyko: Yeah! With... "style" ahah :p