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It's a battle between mods/admins of the Sonic Turbine Forum! Has alot of Comedy and action! Video games. Movie and Internet references GALORE! I started this before for a long time but I decided to start over with some of the old characters as well as some new characters, So I'll give credit to those who joined before.
OMG Brat! I remember this! Wow that 2nd to last panel was terrible lol
Sorry for the long delay. :( I work now so finding time to do comics while handling other responsibilities is difficult right now.
You can TELL what I wish I could play online during the PSN shutdown.....:(
Well Dark I was wondering when you'd come here and see yourself in this comic lol
This level reminded me of Mario 64..........The fire level.
So sorry for the long delay
Lino's team finally has a possibility to meet with the others!
You're improving....if you just get text boxes in there it will be a little better
Meh....I wanted to make a long one today
In this comic, I tried to draw my own expressions on Cronic.....never tried it before

Way to ruin the fun, Drav...
January 7th, 2010
well unfortunately a while ago my last pc caught a virus and i lost everything. If i want to start over im gonna need everyone sprites again
Take a look at Psyguy's comic tutorials. He's a great comic maker.
For this issue, I tried using speed lines
For this comic I told a little bit about how knuckles got into the picture. The one that the others are now trying to rescue