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Cherry the Puffball
Once upon a time, I had to write a description.
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He's back! Guess there's gonna be a lot of explosions this chapter.
That is one egg.
Kiyosi has been awfully calm for the complete chaos that happened at hand.
They got rustled and angered and its all falling apart.
So its not Zero, but that's...
If you need me, I'll be reading those 21 pages too.
Oh yeah, the clones! Been a while since we saw them.
So uh... QS is just gonna stand there? No gloating how he defeated L's empire?
He's reading the Archie Mega Man comic!
What could Pawsibly go wrong?
So Kirbies have layers like onions?
Oh, So Talzo was framed for a crime he didn't even do...
Yeah, looks like he needs a... spare.
I think the Dewdrop nickname is focusing on the drop part, since Wake has nearly the same color as a minor enemy in amazing mirror that could copy your ability-Droppy.
Robobot is a masterpiece, probably won't be incorporated into the story now...
That feel when your game freezes... Did he push out the cartridge?
Uh... Would two programs even work?
No, he's probably brooding in a corner somewhere being edgy, that jerk.
There's probably going to be a bomb installed for sabotage.