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He's back! Guess there's gonna be a lot of explosions this chapter.
That is one egg.
Kiyosi has been awfully calm for the complete chaos that happened at hand.
They got rustled and angered and its all falling apart.
Yeah, once a week will be okay. Take your time.
... So Starman's gonna have to fight Bass next? We'll really be rooting for the underdog in that fight.
The best conclusion to the Starman Arc of the anime.
Anime powers, activate!
Yeah.. They're probably losing....
Come on! Use the power of the sun!
On the internet.
Its a Painbow!

Probably a Q & A? Maybe concepts for the story or something.
What do you mean by character poll?
They used the Pile Driver to shoot a rock. That's... actually smart.
Grenade rain! That's a danger.
So its not Zero, but that's...
If you need me, I'll be reading those 21 pages too.
Oh yeah, the clones! Been a while since we saw them.
@DracheLehre: And then there was the part where you actually had to go outside for the sun. Well, that was the gimmick for the games...
This is an immediate setup for some Django related joke of sorts.
An arrow in multiple places.
So Starman is said to have a Django themed folder from like a bunch of chapters ago....
So uh... QS is just gonna stand there? No gloating how he defeated L's empire?