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Happy Valentine's Day
Good Morning, everyone.
Things are about to get a bit...well, intense in the comic, so I wanted to give pause and offer wishes for a happy Valentine's day.
(Also, yes. Oki has a brother ^-^ You can see some of the silly comic strips about Oki and friends here: ( p;type=1&l=46630dcb1c)
@Lyra: Will do ^-^ Please look forward to more every Sunday!
@christieeee: Yay! Thank you very much and no worries. ^-^ I have lots planned from here on out.
Ooh! Tea needs cookies as well! *scoots over a plate of cookies*
@christieeee: Hi there.
So sorry for the lack of updates. Trust me, this year has been very very busy for me as well. >-< Between the school year, health issues and the publishing of my fine art website, there has been so much going on @-@
Not to worry though! I do plan to continue now that the summer is here. And all hopes that I will be able to keep the story going at a constant rate.
Thank you for your patience and understanding!
In lieu of an update...
Leaving for Metrocon tomorrow and I won't be able to do a full update, so I thought I'd have some fun with a small tablet sketch. Presenting 'Ryushitsuji'!
In the Victorian-era Underworld, a young ghost girl mourns the loss of everything she once held near and dear to her in life, courtesy of a vicious plot. In her moment of death, she strikes a deal with a dragon: her soul, in exchange for a new type of life (and coffee). Okiel Phantommeep is now the head of the Last Blood Cafe corporation, handling a budding coffee empire as well as the underground work for the ferryman of the river Styx. Her new partner is a dragon butler: Ryn Kuromaru, whose powers as a butler are only surpassed by his strength as a dragon.
The story follows the two along with their other employees, as they work to unravel the plot behind Okiel's parents' murder, and the horrendous tragedies that befell Okiel in the month directly after.

(My sincerest apologies to Yana Toboso and Kuroshitsuji. I just couldn't resist. ^-^;
Finals are approaching @-@
Hihi, everyone! Just one update this week and likely for the next two weeks as well. Finals are running through until then, so afterwards I'll have all Summer Break to work on this story.
Thank you for your patience and continuing support!
@christieeee: XD Glad that you approve.
Small Hiatus and Fan Contest
Good Morning, everyone~!
We've reached the end of chapter 2 and are ready to explore Thanatos in Chapter 3. Tons of secrets are certain to come to light here, however first, a small hiatus until the week of Spring Break @-@;
I have a few assignments to finish up and I certainly can't fall behind now.
That being said, I would also like to offer you this chance: Fan Contest! Want to see your own original character make an appearance in Chapter 3?
Feel free to submit any form of fan creation for your chance to win!
Drawings, creative writing, poetry, photography, anything you can think of! Winner and 2 runner ups will see their work posted here, while the winner will have the chance to see their character interacting with the Last Blood Cafe! Submissions can be emailed to
Must be in by March 24th.
Best of luck to everyone, and thank you for reading!
@christieeee: We'll get to see a preview of his appearance in the morning ^-^
@christieeee: XD Any excuse for Charon to show off his hard work, huh? ^-^
@christieeee: O-O Thank you so so very much! I'm honored that you are enjoying the comic so far.
^-^ There is quite a bit of story coming up, all mixed in with silliness and a bit more sad parts. Don't worry though! I have plans for a chapter or two of random sillies to break up the feels when needed.
Thank you again for reading, and I hope you continue to enjoy the tale!
((>.>; I don't have a favorite character yet either XD It really is hard to pick))
@Lunar Nocturne: ^w^ Thank you very much! I'm happy that you are enjoying the story so far.
Beware: Feels are coming
*waves* Hi there, everyone! Sorry about the over all lack of posting and updates about the comic. I m endeavoring currently to have at least one to two pages uploaded every Thursday for you, though the new term just started, so we will need to play that by ear for a bit. ^-^;;
All in all, please be advised that these next few pages are of a more serious content. Feels are coming, so be ready for it.
Thanks to all who read! Your support is much much appreciated.
Merry Christmas from the Last Blood Cafe!
No comic update this week, but I just wanted to take the time to wish you all a very Merry Christmas!
I know I don't talk often, but I am very much thankful to the readers as well as the support that you have shown me in kind comments here as well as on deviantArt and facebook.
I hope you have the happiest of holidays!
- Oki
@Awnyx: Yay! So glad that you liked it ^-^
Thank you!
@Jeff Baldwin: Thank you so very much for the encouraging words! The last few pages have been mostly explanations, but we will be getting back to the goings on inside the cafe soon. ^-^ Please look forward to it!