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Ben Paul
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Well, she is a colorful person
Yaoi Fanart
...'nouth said
This is getting a bit predictable...
When are you gonna use that CreepyPasta you talked about in the last page?
Mine's 0920-0948-5095 and I've got no clue what are the pokemon in my friend safari ^_^;
Am I seriously the only person to find it wierd that there are TWO "Raven Wolf Chapter 05 Page 17"?
Took it a while...
Finally, she got her necklace back!
Wait, whut?
I'm confused...
I don't know why, but the tease made me say "Ownage!"
3rd panel
Wait, is that a "Minecraft" character in the background?
... :/
What does the "RTE" on the kit's box stands for?
First Strike!
Yay, go Hillaree!
how did that pole (the on that Spyro is standing on) got there?
Yay, "Oh,F**K!" moment! XD
One Year And Five Months
That's the title, right? I got the spanish right?
It's Deadpoolish! (Breaking the fourth wall) ^v^
Why does the Kecleons hair style remind me of Pheonix Wright?
Wait, is that arabic?
Wait, so her name is Kitsuko Yamada? What's Kuubi's last name?