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HAHAHAHA poor Noél! ^^'
@Soen Kai:
OMG!!!!!! I love Inori's expression so much! So so much!!!!!!!!!!!!! ****O****

ouw! and I finally have received my copy from the easter raffle!!! Tks, tks, tks!!!!!
It's gorgeous and perfect and beautiful! 83 hahahahaha
@Soen Kai: I also didn't get anything either ^^'
nhooooo!!!!!!!!!!! Cutes ones!!!!!!!**O**
sorry but yep... I saw the same thing that Rukan!!!!hahahaha But than I was Like "hey! with a towel... must be so uncomfortable!" ^^' hahaha
YYYYYYEEEEEEYYYY!!!!!!!!!! There will be action!!!!! uhuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahaahahha XD
I love this page!!! Very emotional and adorable! 83
c'mon, lends your shoulder as a pillow Inori! I know you can do it and Kae will love it!!!! hahahaha XD
floor?! puf! Hell no!!!!!!! u_ú
Ah! Kae!!!!!! >_<""" hahaha
Poor Inori! He wants to be with you! can't you see!!!??? hahahahaha

Who cares about process information, all you need is looove!!!! XD
the power of denial!!!!! hohohohohoho XD
Kae seems nostalgic... i.i
Voted!!!!! 83

I really hope TEN win!!!!!
Good Luck!!!!! \o/
HAHAHAHAHAHA that was cool!!!! I would have done the same!!! XP
hahahaha That was cute! XD
Dam! I'm not understand a thing of the history line by now!!!! >_<"
but I still love your beautiful drawings! hahaha Keep going with the good job!!! =D
oh! don't worry! I don't comment that much neither, but I love very much this comic and most of all your beautiful drawing... I think the people just don't have too much to say right now, that's all!
Don't be concern and keep going with the wonderful job!!!!
Sorry, but I ship this 2 very hard! hahahaha XD