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dark pulse+ ceiling = stone edge
pokemon moon necklace
welp this went scott pilgrim real fast
this is what they meant with "L is real"
drake is in hoenn.
you mean will?
red's pikachu is a female?
of course the phoenix wright references
not sure if it's just me but the image isn't loading
@Nyapapa: wait so the next pages will take after the visual novel? or basically the visual novel will just be a speed up of the next pages if people don't want to wait?
too bad theres no sun stone for a LONG time
more like focus miss. stick with aura sphere
randomly found your first nuzlocke on deviantart when reading kitfox's nuzlockes
i thought you were supposed to lift with your knees...
@HimoriKenshi: and the egg was left on the mountain to forever roll and fall in the volcano
rip bayleef now ded
rip blastoise