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I'm a fan of anime, manga, comics, vidoe games and novels.
How I hate the news they just never to be any good news only murder or accidents XDDDDDD
This cover is so amazing... Just looked at the blood and the dirt you detalied on the orange jumpsuit. You must have worked so hard on this. This alone makes me existed for what's about to happened :D
September 15th, 2013
I wonder when his father relize he's son is kidnapped?
Nelie you can't do this :[
What about you're fans?
Lewis must be soft if she landed unharmed :P
That little girl is doomed XDDDDDD
Glitter attack. Fantastic :]
She's probably Chibi-Usa daughter :D
September 15th, 2013
Talk about akward :X
September 15th, 2013
An he's going for the final bloe people~
A battle between two magical girls?! Count me in :D
*Brings myself a can of popcorn*
Kris to the rescue!
Altought that chiken head punk is strong I'm sure Kris has mastered a few tricks :D
I guess Kris has just dump Aldi, in this page witout his agrrement? XDDDDD
That must have hurt XDDDD
I guess Val was pretty close minded the first tome he was with Kris. I Can see how it change later to him flirthing and kissing him witout a fair warning *.*
Why did that chick put plasters on her nipples? XDDDDDD
New love interest has arrived :D
Cat fight! Cat fight!
Where's the cat fight?! :D
Sometimes I think everything will be better if people were more open minded and stuff. Otherwise jealousy will just kill us all :o
Oh no. Yandere flag alert! T.T
July 25th, 2013
Did he played a normal guitar or an electric guitar? :o