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FatMissyCat Hat
i like horror and fun games,
anime and manga! :3 XD
My favorite on YouTubers are
PewDiePie, Tobuscus,
ImmortalHDfilms, Nova
and TomAnex! :D
I'll soon be making
a deviantart profile again :-)

And after A Wind Of Love there will come a new Manga
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~love the way you draw~ *-*
He really looks like Gaara's brother from naruto shippuuden sorry XD but
Awesome picture! I just realized you changed it?
@imnotholly: thank you so much! It was kinda hard to do this picture, but I'm glad you like it! there will be more soon mabye i'll print in some pages later! :)
done retoughing and deleting things XD
Page 1
better drawen because it was drawen in hand hope you will like it
the reborn of Android hope you like it :D
@Chirurotsu: hej Chipo det er Belinda check min nye manga ud den heder A Wind Of Love :) Android kommer snat
One time I was in gym I can't remember the on the game in english since I live in Denmark right now, it's were you hit a ball with a bat and thats what I did but after hitting the ball somebody catch it an I slipped on to my but it was so embarrassing that everyone was laughing -.- I'm just really happy there summer holiday now and that I'm changing classes to B
Damnit I want more :'(
Awesome I'm new here spoiler Xo