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Hiya! I'm Andrea, and I'm a writer and artist. I've been writing since I was sixteen and my main baby is The Origem Chronicles. You can check out my other art and soon to come comics by following my Tumblr page
Also if you like my work and feel like helping me afford enough food to sustain me to draw more pages please check out my Patreon :)
Sorry I'm a day late guys! Labor Day was way busy :0
Both of them are childish anyway, but put them together and it's a disaster xD
@di-chan: Yeah! Every day in Brandon's world is an adventure haha
And so ends chapter 2! Thanks to all my readers so far!! You are all awesome, and I look forward to Mondays and Thursdays so much ^_^!
@di-chan: oh no that sounds awful :(
As for frozen tuna though, I'd imagine that would work really well xD Only, if I found frozen tuna inside my hotel room I would freak out hahaha
@maeriyong: aww, that sucks! We only got partial coverage here so it didn't even go dark really, but no cloud coverage!
Hope everyone who was able to see the eclipse had fun today! ^_^
@TheButler3000: Thank you! ^_^ And he's got lots of layers to him, I can't wait to get into all of it! <3
So I've been slowly inching towards changing my coloring style, and I've finally arrived at the last stop :P Had to make the leap on changing the line art, and I think it looks sooo much better now that I've learned this new technique!!<3
@di-chan: very true! and thanks, it's now fixed! It's amazing how I can read these pages over 5 or 6 times and still have something slip by.
@di-chan: thanks for the heads up :) fixed!
Award for ugliest hotel room ever goes to...
@maeriyong: Sophie is definitely the type to act first think later haha, and it totally does look like that! xD
I feel like a sketchy motel would be even worse after the night Sophie has had..
@maeriyong: that's great xD "What did you do last weekend?" "If I told you, I'd have to kill you" *Actually just binge-watched Netflix* lmao
Brandon is very dramatic, despite his too-cool attitude :P
@TheButler3000: Thank you!! That means a lot! ^_^