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July 16th, 2015
Its hot and raining here
I prefer this style of formatting more but you're the artist so do whatever you feel it takes to get your story across
I always read the pages I just suck at commenting. Ive been following this comic since my deviant art days. I loved then and I love it now. Keep doing as you do. Love
April 28th, 2015
You dont understand i made a sound like a dying whale .... I cant even. For some reason I thought like he doesnt have eyes and now
April 28th, 2015
That was deeper than the sea
I almost had a panic attack over this omg i didnt even realise it was almost April 1rst
mom no
Mom no
Mom its not okay to check out your sons /future/ bf

P.s. your art is beautiful

Edit: just so its now im not hating on her i actually like her character design alot

Also question, her hair is fully red so I'm assuming she's full succubus does that mean Wyatt's dad is human? Cause his hair only turns red after you know.
@illumelnati: saaaaaaame omg i didnt even realize that i read it wrong
February 20th, 2015
Not related to the page but...
I would really love to see a video of you working on the comic!
February 11th, 2015
I feel like i know too
I literally just read the last page and was like maybe if i refresh a new page will be put yay!
Its the cat omg i cant wait
January 24th, 2015
I started crying cause i could laugh cause everyone is asleep
This is one of my favorite pages omg
Hes doing that red hair(or at least I think wyatts hair looks red right now I can kind of see it) thingy I want to see what he looks like
I think i love your comic too much i p-much reread it almost every day till you up date
So quick question is wyatt covering his eyes so that he doesnt control aiden again or is it out of embarrassment
I have tomodachi life its really fun I love it
I cant wait waaahhh~
Edit/I went back and reread and I like how I didnt notice his eyes and hair changing color in that nightmare he had
Wyatts face in the third panel