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Okay, I'm the goofy of all goofy. I LOVE YAOI! so please draw some for me if you wanna get to know me just email me @
thanks for reading hope you take an interest

Jessica kissed back as she let out a little moan at thee feeling of Vasilissa's lips on her own. She wanted to deepen the kiss she she lick Vasilissa's lips lightly with her tongue and laced her fingers in Vasilissa's hair.
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Just started reading your comic and I must say its lovely.

Its super cute ghost is my fav character. Cannot wait to read more.
() ()
\ () () /
( . )
(my bunny got all messed up (TnT)
I love your comic, it makes me giggle. However I cannot see what you did here...
September 22nd, 2013
Oh no's!
@yayanime: I tried to kill you icon!!!!

Awesome art and comic btw.
I love Devon's sex hair right now its to lovely (o//U//o)
I feel like an idiot...
What does bropt even mean?
Lol I love that sound and awesome page btw
Hi! (^u^)/
this comic seems interesting keep up the good work, i'll be waiting for and update! *pulls up a chair and waits*
Fan Art
Its not perfect nor is it complete bit it is my first. Its my way of saying thank you for the tutorial and it was cool to follow.
Oh no trouble
there's trouble in paradise, i hope they dont get in too bad of an argument. and i hope the result isn't too bad...

1st comment yeah
Yay first comment!
bloody mess is she ok?
hi i'm flash i love your comic so far so i'll be the first to comment and fav. well i'm into yaoi and all that jaz my problem is i got a hard time drawing a mans body(every thing from hard to toe) i was wondering if you could give me some tips. And i would like it very much if you would humor me and just take a look @ my comic. well flash out, lots of love, Best of luck and congrats on the comic.
Its Like you've tapped into my dreams>.>... JKJKJKJKJKJKJKJKJK
So... hot... can't... control... fan... girl... scram... ~screams and then passes out.~
SOUL:it was worth it. ;-)
Love your comic the best I've seen on smack.
I think you have a lot of guts to come out and say that, I would help you if I wasn't in some deep s**t myself. maybe this is telling us that we are getting our strength tested. Hope you find your silver lining on you cloud while I look for mine. And remember when life gives you rotten lemons kick it in the balls.
your back i wuv u just keep it up and .... >;3 and keep the smex lol.
hey i a little new to the coments but omigawd that was intense im faving dis 4 sure its so sad *sobbing* hurry and update the suspense is killing me. oh by da way i'm one of your bigest fans cause of you i'm gonna make a comic 2 ;D