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I'm just an artist who tells stories through drawings.
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    Nicole (Call me Ulta if you want)
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@Inglorious Bastard: Misty can't alter temperature directly, she'd have ot like. hover water over a flame to heat it up. Don't let my special effects at showing her immense annoyance fool you XD

As far as becoming friends with Misty, well...this story will show one way to do it! It's actually not hard if you are a good person. You just need patience while you are being a good person to her =P
@Inglorious Bastard: She'd know it was a compliment but...the idea of being in a relationship with anyone is really reeeeally low on her 'to do' list. Plus she's had bad experiences with men so far, so she 98% holds no interest in them back
@Inglorious Bastard: I don't think anyone has been gutsy enough to say that outloud out of fear of Misty hearing them ^^; Storywise she's had plenty! ....she does not like it XD
@mangle: Eh? I'm not sure what you are talking about?
@Asher: Mangle is incorrect. My avatar image is my anthro persona (seen here ). The image is this one ( )
@Panther: He'd need to reeeeally piss Misty off for her to resort to biting. Believe it or not, Misty is being 'tame' right now XD
@mangle again: Star makes ALL the rare occurrences happen! ...actually this was unheard of so...impossible!
@mangle: Well it did kinda go boom right in his face and he didn't turn his head away like Star did XD
@dracone: It's a mix of things. Misty doesn't like anyone who isn't being careful enough around creatures still in their first life. So in a 'way' she's caring about Star, just not as directly as folks are thinking.
@AndreTheLugia: Braces must not like her. How dare they, who could NOT like Star? (...oh hello Misty)
@ZHODY the delfinator: I love it too ^^ And thanks!
@Chrystal: lol exactly! Or this is a result of something else...who knows~ (I do!)
@KaireeKillz: What a quick turn around Misty lol Maybe she cares afterall.
@Panther: The raptor is a male =)
@kome: It's extra dangerous though for Star cuz she has no comlink, and thus can't cheat death!

But yes, Misty, you do dangerous stuff for a living ya hypocrite
@Panther: The fire was just for added 'anger' effect. Misty isn't ACTUALLY using fire XD
@Neolancer: Seems so!
@BudgieGryphon: She can already do that (if she was wise and grabs the water out of the air. Using water of your own body sounds like a bad idea)!

If this was a perfect world, she could use her powers in any way she wanted without risk of her power overtaking her. But since their god is dead, now doing any element power naturally is impossible without it going nuts on you.
A page where there's lots of confusion, nervous fright, and Misty trying to fool us into thinking she's a fire Elmin. Lots of fun!
@Guest: Dino muzzles are weird to work with. I did that to help better give him the look of growing confusion, and keeping his mouth more 'naturally stiff' wouldn't have made that possible. Artistic liberties!