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I'm just an artist who tells stories through drawings.
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@Chrystal: Could happen! Though the gravicores are usually sturdier than that. Well...those two heavy types are at least.
@Neolancer: Not quite! There's a different flavor of track scuffles about to happen =)
Is this a rare display of cooperation on the track? Well ain't that unfortunate for the light type user.
@MissOkami: Hey it's true! She IS filled with determination! ...and maybe some broken ribs, but we don't know for sure.
@Neolancer: Heheehe~
Not everyone is playing the serious type. Some racers just wanna have fun! Though he might wanna pay attention...
@Neolancer: If you look carefully on the page where she was hit, the body shield DID form. Though the impact was quite sudden so Misty did bend a bit more than is comfortable most likely. ><
Misty is filled with...DETERMINATION.
@C-W-H_P-L: I get that he's and she's will be used, but constant visual clues are more my preference (what if I wanna crush on one of them? XD). I ain't asking the artist to change anything, just was stating my preference and why gender stereotypes aren't entirely bad (and why most industries and creators still hold to it, it makes confusion less a problem, and confusion can turn off your audience very much so.)

The definition of 'confusion' IS 'uncertainty' by a dictionary standard by the way. Just so you know =)
@LadyBrightcynder: It's not a problem. Just a slight peeved annoyance. It's good to know that we'll at least get in-comic references with 'he' and 'she' at least (I hope I'll remember). Still, this is the same reason I dislike about 90% of the anime out there. All the dudes look too girly (but on the same spectrum, their women are TOO feminine...we don't need boobs the size of mars to tell it's a chick! @_@'

I'm just one reader though. Sure I'll be bothered when I can't tell what gender it is easily, but one's gender doesn't dictate how they should act or behave regardless. When it comes to real life, us humans are not exactly gender ambiguous a good chunk of the time, and since these are anthro's (animals with a humanoid body), I thought it would follow real life logic for humanoids, so boobs for girls and no boobs for guys. But it seems you took the approach for the more animal side of them, which in that world, yes gender ambiguity is quite common. When I see it that way, it's a lot easier for it to not bug me XD

Regardless, I'll keep reading when updates happen. I love dragonic stuff. Sure I wish I could tell the genders without needing to look at outside refs, but it's fine. I only wanted to say what I did to try and put gender stereotypes in a less harsh light =)
It's fine to break the stereotypes every now and then, but this now solidifies that I'm going to have a really hard time figuring out the genders of your characters then. I don't like being confused or having to make such guesses =\ It's actually a pet peeve of mine to not be able to tell what gender a character is. But I don't expect you to change anything so...meh. Just prepare yourself for people getting confused and making guesses/assuming a lot of their genders when the that info isn't going to be clearly obvious. Being sterotypical in gender is NOT bad...

Tl:DR Making genders obvious helps rid confusion, even if it's 'stereotypical' to make their genders obvious (which again, shouldn't be considered a bad thing).
@MissOkami: Woot! I'm so glad you are enjoying it! Don't worry, it's still full steam ahead for this story =D
@Dark/Light: They do (not counting the primitive skid pads). If you look carefully you can sorta see it, but the next page you'll see it a bit better.
@Arisu: Heh well...this was an early page. I've since started to leave comments in more recent pages ^^;
Wonder what it she alright? Or is she down for the count?
@Dark/Light: Ohhh it's definitely not comfortable I bet
@Light and Shadow: I demand karma for how nasty that was!

Thanks for the comment XD
@Neolancer: Yikes! that's one thing I'm glad I never experienced o.o think that's actually allowed in this race.