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I'm just an artist who tells stories through drawings.
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    Nicole (Call me Ulta if you want)
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@GlassGurl: To a fault she is~
Star could rule the world if she really wanted with those eyes...good thing she's too naive to aim for that lol
@Chrystal: Ohhh we are only getting started hehe
@AndreTheLugia: I'm...pretty sure most lifeforms will die if their head is severed from their bodies ^^;
@Weaselcheez: No truer words have been said lol
@xErraticdragonx: Boredom catches up with you at SOME point! (maybe)
@Panther: I guess you think Misty is immortal already? She's still in her first life, she's only been alive for like...25 years XD
@Guest: lol ATTACK with hugs! Love it
@Guest: Misty just needs some mushy in her life lol
@Guest: In real life, yes. In Hybridor? Nope! They unlocked a way to not make death permanent.
@Guest: Nerves have been pinched!
Misty is weird in her own way. Maybe that's why Starlight is gravitating to her new big sister. They must be weird together!
@AndreTheLugia: Many exploding hearts when they see her cute face. It's okay I'm aware hehe.
@Dzib: Totally! Be one of us plebs Star, join the 1 life gang!
@xErraticdragonx: But adventure calls! (and maybe tacos are involved)
@Panther: Star doesn't wanna play games, she wants to stick with her big sister!

Well Khan did say the option to use the portal system is open for Star to use. I'm sure if he thought using the portal system would make Star's element react, he wouldn't have dared suggest it. But he did, so it should be safe!
@kome: What ship we talking about again? XD
@Flamel: That is very true! Maybe she's just unkillable lol
@Weaselcheez: lol she sees through aaaaaaaall.
@Dalgeor: No need to feel sorry. the sites are what they are. Frankly, I like the longer vertical format anyway!