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I'm just an artist who tells stories through drawings.
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@dracone: Sure seems it doesn't it?
@Chrystal: I sure hope you didn't forget about Starlight ^^; I was worried that the intro to Misty was going to overshadow her. Glad to see it didn't XD

And Misty is straight (funny enough), so no Diva wasn't an ex. =P
Ah yes of course, if school was involved at one point, of course there would have been drama!
I think the text blurb for this page sums up my thoughts nicely for it heh.
@Chrystal: Hold on, I'll answer once my brain reboots.
@NeonUmbreon: If foreshadowing loves grinning then sure! XD
@dracone: Oh no, trust me, I love it when readers do that. and what you'd deduced is so accurate! I love it =)
@Chrystal: XD I was thinking the same thing when making this.
@dracone: Misty got into the sport many years ago when it was forbidden to even touch another racer though. She isn't the person to enjoy carnage, and I doubt her sweet mom would really encourage purposeful rough-housing. Her racing style wasn't very aggressive during the race, outside of smooshing Gyra's hovercycle of course. But she deserved it!
Today's a thinky page. Perhaps not all of Misty's fans are crazies like her mom says...she seems like she feels bad about not letting the good ones see her. So why does she still seem to want to stay out of the limelight?

...also sneaky person is sneaking...
@Anna Rei: Misty sure doesn't seem the type to be a gloryhog, given how much she wants to dodge the public that's for sure XD
@Chrystal: Yeah she got her gravicore skates off but as far as changing, I wanted her to stay in her racer outfit to show they are still in the stadium. She'll change later.

Remember, the race was in four 'sections', with other sections being at different stadiums (the track all connected via portals). We only saw the final quarter, so who knows what went on in the other stadiums that got Misty in 'last place'.
@FlooFlight: That's a first for me hearing that someone didn't like Misty at first. Neat! Glad she's growing on you. =)

I was told expressions are my strong point, so glad I'm still keeping that up.
@Chrystal: Stoooop you make me laugh too hard sometimes! (I'm kidding, I love funny comments!)
@GuardRail22: That IS quite weird! If that happens again next time, a good trick that should work is hit the F5 key. That hard refreshes the page if say an image seemed to be stubborn to load (this can be done anywhere, not just smackJeeves) =)

Glad you are enjoying the comic!
Oh ho so Misty is outwardly saying most of her fans just like her for her looks and shows eh? Wonder if that's true...
@dracone: We won't be seeing her dad anywhere in the story. He's a feral white lion. He divorced Kali before Misty was born.
@NeonUmbreon: I dunno, the thought of my own mom being this bold with men would scare me ^^;
@Chrystal: I know right?! No matter how hard she tries to get attention OFF herself, she naturally attracts attention! She'll never win XD
Sorry Misty. We're doing an ironic case of parent embarrasses child here! Muahaha (yes I might be a tad sadistic with how much I love annoying Misty...)