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I'm just an artist who tells stories through drawings.
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    Nicole (Call me Ulta if you want)
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@Sapphire: Yey! Awesome. It's not even that bad imo...nothing worst you'd see on like national geographic.
I'm warning everyone right now. Due to the contents on the next page, the comic as a whole is going to need the mature tag sadly. It's just a rather gruesome sight that young kids probably shouldn't see, and there will be moments where more of this can happen. Otherwise, the comic is really a family friendly story.

You have been warned =) And thank you all SO much for the support. Don't be shy with comments! I'll reply to them as much as I can!
@WildfireK: You mean in that panel with the single red dot? If so that's the light from the top of the flagpole at the lab. Birdy was trying to fly back to it to get help, but he's run out of energy to keep flying.
@Dr. Glutamate: Some things just cannot unsee the light...and must NOM on it.
@Neolancer: Yey! =3
@Neolancer: Okay I'll trust ya on that =D Poor Birdy thinks otherwise.
@Neolancer: I think it's more paralyzing than straight up painful. But one things for is...SHOCKING! *get's smacked with a drum set*
@WildfireK: Indeed =) Thanks for commenting by the way. You are the first person to on this site. I'm glad to see it get some sort of vocal reception so far!
@WildfireK: Woop woop! More like she's just trying to go help! Nothing can go wrong right?
@WildfireK: It's definitely an iconic location in the story. But for now, I'll just say it's that light blue tiny satellite orbiting the other planet =)
@WildfireK: I dunno about style change. As far as I'm aware of, I didn't do anything different, but it is a night scene which required different shading =)
@WildfireK: There is definitely more going on here than what some people think. And it'll be even cooler when the twist happens. It's not as cliche as you might be led to believe!
@WildfireK: He's probably one of the only weirdish aliens that I specifically designed for a role XD Thanks!
@WildfireK: The font for this page is called CrimeFighter BB =)
I'm just gonna not put any comments for now. No one is giving any and it seems like I'm talking to myself. I'll reply to any comments made still though, whenever it happens =P
Yay spacescapes
Can't wait till I can do more of those later down the line.

If anyone has any questions lemme know. I'll be happy to answer them so long as the answer ain't a spoiler =)
Just learned how I can put an author comment on a scheduled page. Derp. I'll try to make one of these from now on.
December 19th, 2017
It begins on Smack Jeeves. Hope you enjoy =)