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Aquaz new account. Sue me.
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Meow! Cat fight! *Grabs popcorn* LITERALY!
@BolticBoom: Persona is personality right? Scratch that i know it is. I can think of one or two for reshiram and zekrom.
@MecanicalCH: Um, melt away is my version of teleporting.
A cryomancer gets sent into the world of pokemon!
@MecanicalCH: Im sorry, what was that?
*Puts katana to CH's throut then realizes CH doesnt have one*. Dambit!
@Niv: call me Sam.
A freshmen goes through adventures in highschool!
Check it out here------->
Shard! You have 99 fans!
@Kurona: Yeah, i dont know to sprite on a tablet.
Yup, im evil
CH, this is for your own good.
Edit:Bruce stole CH's hat.
Phhhhhhht! Bwahahahahaha! *bangs on table*
Hahahahah! *Faints*
@Scar: Its an app called educreations (no joke) i snapshot it, crop it, then upload it.
@Scar: Thx. Id try, but i dont know how on a tablet