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I'm cuddlie and wuddlie, and i prioritize drawing over sleeping. and i like flowers and tea, and books, yeah. books. and hugging.
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New artsy fartsy (improved???) style! Yay or nay? What do you guise think? (*゚▽゚*)
Got real busy and stressed with uni and i couldn't update as often :c DOUBLE PAGE UPLOAD AS A POOR EXCUSE FOR AN APOLOGY
thank you so much for sticking around even if i update randomly or even rarely!:c AND HELLO TO THE NEW FANS! you guise are seriously the best <3
Back in action yo!
(for now, that is) i am so sorry for such a lengthy hiatus, updating bc i feel bad. ;A; i love all you guise thank you so much for sticking through even though im drowning in uni stuff. <3 (hashtag freshmen chaos)
Fillers, fillers, fillers!
So, i'm starting this little mini series as a filler.

For starters, it's starring me, Patotie, and my wonderful awesome Co-Author -who also happens to always have a desire to kill all my characters-, Dr.Dekter!(DLC)
with the coming comic strips it shall feature the creators interacting with the characters of this comic as well, which leads to many absurd situations and whimsical encounters!
Hiatus Notice
So. if you guys haven't noticed by now, i'm going on a hiatus for an undetermined period of time in order for me to build up a buffer for chapter one! SO much things have happened recently, e.g. i graduated highschool so now i can finally have enough free-time to draw and make more pages for you wonderful people!
i hope you all stick around for more! -mega hug-
Thank you for all of your kind comments and your continuous support, each and every comment makes me smile. it makes me happy to know you all enjoy what i create! And i really appreciate you guys wishing me good luck on my exams, you are all very sweet! -hugs- ☆*:.。.♡ (≧◡≦) ♡.。.:*☆
im so awfuls
okay i think we all agree i'm pretty awful at uploading pages within a certain schedule. Im so sorry because i've been busy with studying for my college entrance exams and everything! -bows- here's a page and i hope you guise stick around for more! -hug-
@smacfarland: MAKE IT HAPPEN -motivational dance-
@hinadeshiko: Aww thank you so much! You can find it in the comic's main profile page thingy in the bottom of the "stats" window to the right! You're welcome <3
Typical clumsy me
NOTICE: Apparently, i'm so smart i uploaded the page without the text, and only realized that in the dead of night while being in bed. awesome. HERE'S YOUR TEXTY VERSION. -hugs-
@smacfarland @potatoe1988 @rye_ @ceyec thank you so much,you can't imagine how much it means so much to me guys! lots of love!
Please allow me to say that..YOUR ART IS JUST OUT-RIGHT AMAZINGLY OUTRAGEOUSLY BEAUTIFUL AND GORGEOUS. How long does it take you to make a page?!
Smoochitty smoochies. Also, changes to the art style woo
@summerdou Hahaha true that! Stay tuned for more!
@potatoe1988 Thanks SO much! -super mega overseas hug-
Good god i hate how this page looks ;u;
@corntown: Thank you so much!
Resolution problem solved! yipee!
@potatoe1988 @xXJESSEXMUFFINSXx
Thank you guise, it's my very first comic so your support and compliments are SUPER appreciated! -hugs-