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Holy... you just wanted them to put on each-others cloths... didn't ya ....LOL

Fair enough with the DL thing, there is always an option to buy the DVD if you manage to find it. (and run it off you computer)

as for the mega stone, it does not have to be a ridiculous "strap on" XD like that blastoice... it can be held or be in other items like a necklace or an arm band or anything you can put a gem in... you have total creative freedom in that respect :)
when they Mega, the item and the thing it was "encrusted" in is absorbed by the body and returns to normal when it wares off...

this is a better comparison SKmUIPRgt9h0RGga9qWRzs3yv

anyway more examples of verity, each one has a unique way of "holding on to" the stone. GzH3syjgmbn_22eYvx9OnElo

you should get onto poke origins, such a good mini series... you can watch it for free at many websites like "" (no sign up required)

but here is the size comparison image for ya

then there is this Uncut mega stone Lsjo6OgNT8AxtFnuIyuPq3zIs

Also, the reason they are imune to knock off is because they are items that are "worn" not held... for example O74o-dk9-sVEjkQYq1XpXr-6C

But thats funny because in ORAS my brother came across a "trick" using Minin that swapped off a mega stone, so we are assuming that its no-longer immune to knock off in ORAS, but needs more testing...
you chose omnite for any particular reason being water/rock?
I named my orignal XD lugia "XD001"

as for this bit with the Kanji.... i cant even explain how amazed i am with how complex this story is its awesome...they can speak to each-other but not read the same writing... this comic has entered a new level of amazing storytelling... its the small things like this that i appreciate the most in a story.

and Jen in panel 2 and 6 ... thats quite the emotive contrast... i love it.
@Seiryuu no Kibachiyo

the charm she has is as small as a key stone, a mega stone as a size comparason should be the size of her hand...
look up the size difference between the stones from the Pokemon origians series, when Mr fuji gives red the mega stone and key stone...
Ha... the Hobo wants his rat with wings back so he can have dinner tonight XD
I cant wait for the next one..... Instint fav...
I just love your depiction of realistic pokemon, they are just amazing...
Holy arceus thats an amazing image...
I do not get why people put the "S" on pokemon.... as its both the Plural and non plural form without the "s"

this is because "pokemon" refers to a "Set of things" meaning it refers to only 1 thing of which bongs to a set... and it can refer to the set itself as a whole or an object in the set or More than one object in the set... without the "s"
First of all, i have no problem with the subject matter you are exploring, but you have not told us how old they are..and most Pokemon comics refer to 10Y/o kids...15Y/o for unnova, so i dont imagine this subject matter being to usual for people their age if they are anywhere similar...most kids at that age dont have such relationships...a..err.. perhaps it was just my experience that is... but i cant imagine it being too different around the world of first world places

but still i cant help not see this comic as a sexual fantasy (i dont mean that in a bad way) its just what i got from this comic. and im cool with that... i just get a too analytical sometimes =P

but if you say they are 17 and up well than thats totally usual... i suppose this is a critique of your writing style then... getting into the topic of sex without relaying the age of the characters is a little confusing to the reader... because of natural taboos being on display, children under the age of 16 are usually not allowed sex in most places in the world. (not saying they shouldn't (strictly with only underage people as all participants) as any form of Judgment, im just saying its uncommon, and as a reader i'd like to know their age when getting into said subject matter)
Nice training Montague, dam that looks good...

if there is one thing i really like about your comic, is that you put a LOT of effort into its color... and it looks great because of that...
It looks like a Mystic water held item...
shall we call this the "Mystic dream"
October 28th, 2014
Ohhhh Always love new comics... will keep my eye on this one...
*"the comic so nerdy it tries to draw accurate geology"*
thats awesome!
Dat close up of Mr. bug catcher is still reminiscent of weevil Underwood :)love it.

those bugs are always annoying what with their hardening and what not...

"he Built up too much"
Id say there is a missing word "up" in there

and drop the "T" from event, i guess that was a typo?
When i first read "your money is mine" it reminded me of weevil Underwood from yugioh :)
YAY pasku gets some screen time...

Also 4th panel 2nd bubble
Remove the "A" its not needed, and add an S to Challenge, as it refers to a present tense moment in post tense verbiage, in which a plural of things are refereed to.

third bubble
you can say Either
"it's the way"
or "IS a way"
the way you have it now just sounds funny even though its a perfectly valid sentence.
otherwise it should be "this is the way we make money"
"You may not eat the apple"

Thankyou for the clarification, chatot .:P
Yay for pasku, :)

Grimm looks cute
Myrtille looks happy
pasku looks angry
Maka looks -_-

also those are some weird k's they look like R's with a long heads, i mistook them for an R :P