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Hello! I do freelance work, commissions, and webcomics!

Human Art:
Anthro Art:


Webcomics I'm work on:
Irrational Masnines - Coming soon!
Under the Moonlight -
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February 12th, 2019
@Yhgh: Awww Thank you! T w T
February 7th, 2019
@IronDog: Thanks! It's kind of what I'm hoping to do over time. =3
January 31st, 2019
Uploading the old pages from where the comic left off. I hope people will enjoy the comic again. When the time comes, I may work on more, continuing before the raccoon chapter. Those pages would be reworked. For now, Enjoy!

BTW this is partly due to some feedback received after hiatus. People seem to want me to continue where I left off. Hopefully, I'll be able to have new pages when the comic catches up. I'm just sad that I was not able to adjust things I wanted to with the initial restart.
This is hot.
1. Michigan
2. Kingdom Hearts: Axel x Zexion or Sora x Riku
3. I don't know actors well enough. ^_^;
BF to the rescue! X3
@R.O.-bot: And a guy playing Piano.
Lol can't have a western with out a bar fight.
September 7th, 2017
@Tracey: - victory music plays! -
So awesome! X3
This is do great. I love it. XD
Oh man, do I want the next page! O n O
Lol Butt Pirate! XD looking for some booty.
I love how he has all is goth attire on for this party. Lol
Hehe, this is so cute. X3
Lol this is awesome, I'm loving this. X3
You can get a free Felisneon Wallpaper if you vote for me on Top Web Comics!
One way to support me for free is to vote for Neon Glow everyday on TWC! =3
@lovelessbutterfly: lol Happy you like them! X3
@Terrafire32: Thanks! And there are lots of free ways to support my comic! Share it around with friends or share it on social media! Thanks for reading my comic! =3
Sorry to say, the buffer is caught up and next month I'll be posting one page a month.

If you would like to see faster updates support me on Patreon. I can only keep working on my comic with the support of fans! It's true that i all my readers donated just a $1 I could make weekly updates and start on a new comic. =3