I like Mermens.
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Oh man, do I want the next page! O n O
Lol Butt Pirate! XD looking for some booty.
I love how he has all is goth attire on for this party. Lol
Hehe, this is so cute. X3
Lol this is awesome, I'm loving this. X3
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@lovelessbutterfly: lol Happy you like them! X3
@Terrafire32: Thanks! And there are lots of free ways to support my comic! Share it around with friends or share it on social media! Thanks for reading my comic! =3
Sorry to say, the buffer is caught up and next month I'll be posting one page a month.

If you would like to see faster updates support me on Patreon. I can only keep working on my comic with the support of fans! It's true that i all my readers donated just a $1 I could make weekly updates and start on a new comic. =3
@Terrafre32: Zedof is a nervous critter.
@Sorin: Sort have been doing that for like 3 or 4 comics I wish I could also work on. XD;
@Sorin: I've been really wanting to do Starship 77. I just haven't had the time to start it. I wish I could. >_<;
@Lucifus: Thank you!! X3
@Terrafre32: THANK YOU!!
February 5th, 2017
@chrstphrl: I'm happy to see you are excited about the story! X3
February 2nd, 2017
@Terrafre32: Good to know you are happy my comic is back! Most of this chapter will be the same, though cuss words are gone. The end of the chapter will have something new. The comic may change a bit, I'm not sure what will be kept from the original run. I do have to say the shirt lifting gag needs to happen. XD
February 1st, 2017
HAPPY BIRTHDAY KC!! (was March 1st)

Happy to see Jake on my birthday. Sometimes I think he is my favorite. > w >;
@Thatsmackjeever: lol You have this as a screen saver? Maybe I should make a wallpaper of this. =3
January 20th, 2017
@Whybel Ander: lol do you mean just in the park, or over all in the comic? X3
OMG yes! XD