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I don't have anything professional like a scanner or something so... D:

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Oh my gosh I love your style!

Jeeez >.< You're trying to give me a heartattack!
I want to see his dad! haha. xD
OMG She's such a mom xD I read this in my mom's voice xD
I love the humor in this xD I keep chuckling to myself xD
I love this so much! They're so adorable!
Oh my gosh, I laughed entirely too hard.
You draw faces so well!

I wish I could draw pokemon like you!
Most good looking guy on earth~
July 29th, 2013
Oh my goodness, this must have taken forever. I can't even imagine.

The cubone omgg///

I love your style so very much!
Oh my c:
That's really cute! haha!