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July 29th, 2012
I like this new version :) The colouring is so great (*-*) The colours you used really fit the atmospheres in the story.
Finally... update after three years! I've been quite busy with other things, as well as getting illustrations published (yes, I'm now a published illustrator ^-^).
The drawings I've made in these last three years can be found on my Deviantart page, .
This is a cute comic :) I'll watch it~
I saw you commented on mine so I took a look at yours as well.
I just finished reading the pages I hadn't read yet - it's still an interesting comic :)
You do work faster than I do on comics... I'm currently working on the next page of my Pokemon comic so I thought I'd read yours in the meantime...
Very interesting XD
I'll be following this comic too :)
Momo... He isn't even peach-coloured... In Japan we have a dog named Momo too, but he's not so white XD
Interesting comic (^_^) ~
You have likable characters!
Interesting comic :)
I like it.
Aaaah ~~ !
Snape's comment is great XD
Looks like a lollipop XD (an exploding one, then...)
I like this one.