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I am called Suggii or Sachuu. <333
Hoshino - On Hiatus
Mother Earth - On Hiatus
Moon Legend - End of Second War - 02/??
Moon Legend is actually quite short as it is told in a fairytale like situation or something like that.
It's also not a fairytale like situation since I don't know how to do that accurately.

Hey...look at that...I forgotten I drew up to 6 pages...
I know this story is lame but it's the first comic that past the 3 page mark (in which I give up right afterwards).
a little history on the one called the Wicked Witch.
hahahaha, I messed her up...-////-
but I was too lazy to change her.
RE: to machuu
I wanted to see how it turns out first.
It was a hush hush secret.

thank you <333
introducing the other main character <3
hahaha, a new one. Does anyone want the next page? *already finished the page*

Since this actually have a storyline, I can actually work with this.
whoopsss forgot to add the cover...-////-;;;;


The cover features Fuyuaku and Kaine <3
(since it's mostly about them anyways)
zomg...this is really good! ^_^
This plot is very interesting and the way you lay out the panel is really nice!
I will never draw flowers!!! >_< But Machuu make them cute.
Wahhhh Machuu updated twoooo!
I absolutely love this! It's so cute and I learned to love Pokemon again!
so cute~
your style is the best!
My god, this so funny and cute!
I also love how you drew Pikachu and everyone! I wonder how Misty will react to this!
Machuuu <333
>v< I would say I'm going to fav your manga right now but I already did last night...
So I'm just here to say helloooo