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What else is there to say.
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I don't Recall Porygon being a glitch from starbound.
Casey confirmed for being cloud.
But Wait Kmarwx!
Majora isn't the Moon.
Shes the independent black woman Hyrules needs.
@Syogren: He already said he wasnt because "AINT NOBODY GOT TIME 4 DAT!"
@Bravewolfd:, Quite the lazy guy aren't you.
Holy Shit Aliennoid, these are really cool.
@Fiora Aroura: or you can ignore us. thats fine too. whatever.
@Fiora Aroura: Why would him being able to draw something better hold up his argument better. Its true, there is way too much fucking purple here.
Long CuntFucker.
@Sapar: No he didnt.

@Dhalo: Also no you can't expand Tails's legs and call it a teenager.

first of all, check out the green circle. you didn't bother editing the body or the arms at all. they are still in the default position from sonic advance.

as you can see from the red circle the right shoe looks nothing like the left and it has some weird black stuff on it.

while we are on the subject of black stuff, look at the purple circle for a sec. look harder. Closer...Cloooossserrrr...Yep they are entirely different shades. the darker shade one is the one from the weird looking shoe thing.
Stick to the shading from the original if you are just to expand the legs anyway.
Remember when there was actual effort in this showcase?
Thanks i'm using it now.
Can you please not use my character without my permission please.
How about you don't.
>Go to the Left