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I can be a ghost fan, or one of those fans who comments on everything
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oh no you're doing perfect, the tears are strong.
Poor babies, I hope Micah doesn't leave, Gaiwan looks so beat up
Hey wow I haven't commented in forever, and so many pages to catch up on, too. Aki and Kaidou are still gorgeous as ever though! So adorable <3
Did Aki have anything special planned for Kaidou coming back? ;) lol
I can't wait till Hisawa finally falls in love, I bet he won't even see it coming
awww- OH NO I SEE A TEAR! ;-;
Gawain better get his breath back and go fix this
we're happy with whatever you give us! I can't really empathize with everything you do, but I sympathize with your struggles
I absolutely love Ghost and Eames, and all of your character's shenanigans. Your style is so unique and distinctive, its adorable and beautiful (i couldnt pick)
Nakajima is dead. Sorry, Aki, but Kaidou has to go to jail now.
As the page was loading all I had was the first panel of Kaidou, and just the back of his head was enough to make me worry. Then his face??? I'M scared
It's a subtle kind of furry. The worst kind.
Ohhh no
August 11th, 2015
Okay the bird lady, yea, I need that hair
And those eyes
And to look like her just in general
Minus the feathers, cuz that would get strange looks on the street
I'm thinking something tribal, possibly something familiar to Micah
And I'll just take this as my present too :3
I think this might be one of the best birthday drawings you've given us, love it!
Happy Birthday!!! Hope today is everything you want it to be
i just caught up on the last few updates and all i could think as i turned the pages was PUHLEASE dont stop before the kiss
this is gold, so perfect
hes got the jacket. hes been marked.
now we wait for him to casually sniff it
Aki in a waiters uniform
i can die happy
Kaidou doesn't know what he's missing
Micha has a cru~ush
Annnnnnd now he's over thinking things
Aki is precious ;-; getting all worried
Kaidou owes him a date when he's back -3-

You're so good to us with updates though! you deserve a break whenever you need it c:
now KISS!!
So much blushing~~~
i need more of them in my life <3
yes yes yes, lets hear about the headphones <3
ah hes so precious ^-^
You did awesome! congrats lol

I couldn't help but think of him as a little shrub fairy XD
I forgot how much I was looking forward to these two <3
He looks so completely lost
Oh my heart ;-;
April 13th, 2015
oh yes please, make out till dinner is ready, we don't mind at all
I love these two, just <3
Oh look at Kuragi saving the day -w-
Trying to impress Sai much?
Cant wait to see what Aref has in store <3