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Listen, I don't know much about Finch, but I already LOVE tHEM
oh no... I have reached the end. I did not prepare for this eventuality
Rereading this for the fifty-millionth time and I still can't handle how adorable Chip is
My roommate asked me why they were naked, and I realized that I did not have an answer.
Okay, so I may have failed to mention...
I started this comic literally a week before I left for college. Because of that, obviously, updates aren't always going to be a regular thing. However, some incarnation of these characters have existed in my head for four years now, and I can safely say the story will never be abandoned, even if it does take me a month to find time to work on the pages.
That established, they will also sometimes not be colored, like this one. In fact, that will probably happen very often, because I was never entirely sure how I felt about coloring them in the first place (I'm not a comic artist, and I'm still trying to find my style here).
Anyway, thanks to all the people who have favorited this or left kind words, and I'm sorry for my present and future inactivity.
@OlbadieHexe: I agree with you completely. Unfortunately, I'm a little technologically inept, so it might take some fiddling for me to fix.
But imagine all the xp Dragonthing just got
Honestly, I don't know who to be suspicious of: William, or EVERYONE ELSE
Well, this isn't unsettling or anything.

Nope, I'm lying, it totally is, and IT'S GREAT
Ugh. This comic gives me so many bad vibes. Like, what's going on? This can't be good? Something sinister has to be going on, right? With the black and white and red, and just ugh *shivers*

Honestly, I don't know what to expect from this comic. At first glance, it seems like, just, well a romance, you know, but then there's all the stuff I already said. You're so good at making this - just this mood of uncertainty, if that makes any sense? And your art is so beautiful, and that just adds to everything.

All of this was a compliment, by the way. I realize that the whole "bad vibes" thing might sound bad, but I mean it in a good way.

Anyway, I'm done now, yeah, bye
This is actually my second time reading through what you have posted, and I realized that I'm not actually 100% sure how to pronounce Brynn's name. I'm not sure if anyone has asked before, but is is "Brin" or "Brine?"
November 14th, 2015
Your colors oh my god.
First page and this comic is already so gorgeous. That purple makes me happy, the blue makes me happy - just all of it makes me happy.
Okay, can we take a moment to appreciate what a good friend this girl is turning out to be. Like, she sees that he's growing wings, and she doesn't even freak out. She just asks what he needs her to do. That is the mark of a good friend, right there.
Ah yes, the Poppy Flowers... They'll knock you out


Why do I do this?
Hinata, is that you?
Amanda is so smug, and that's great
Oh my god, Doug is such a dork. Stoic dorks are the best dorks.
Oh my god, Doug. Why can't he be MY soulmate. He's too adorable
My binge... Why must it end?
yesyesyesyesyesyesyes ZELDA
You just won my heart