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Yuuup. I'm back. Again. But don't expect me to be on like I used to. Got a life and shit. Plus this website is kind of boring now.

Skype - syeed.turner (add me and lets talk n shit)

oh and nearly 5 years of being here and i still dont know how to sprite for shit

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that star wars movie was shit

I'm not joking. fuck core. get him out of the house and maybe out of the face of the planet, too. facts don't care about your feelings.
good review. i will have a review up in the next two days and it will be good like DCEU and not bad like MCU

also this comic is actually... yeah. i mean actually bad. but what author comic ISN'T a mess? (i can name one)

like that one alternate universe explanation is far too complicated just for the sake of being complicated. it's time travel AND space travel crammed into one to seem "confusing" like time travel usually is, but it's pretty fucking cringey and you can tell the person who wrote that did it for the purpose of trying to be deep and confusing. shit falls flat.

0/10, bugged comic making mechanics
fuck core.

this page is objectively bad
This is my first comic I've made in like... almost 2 years now, I think, so a little rusty but I'll get the hang of it.

Anyways, hi, yes, I'm here, I'm involved, here we go

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Great work here brah. I enjoyed this special thoroughly. I don't know all the characters and all that jazz but there were pretty funny interactions and lines (Me? I'm Jewish.) was my favorite one. Also that final battle in space, what the hell man, lmao.

another good the hell are they gonna get back?

anyway good work bro. shame it's not more appreciated but do know that some of us do care. :)
His name was Eggman from the start in Japan, there's not really a 'correct' way per se but good page.
I like it. Interesting stuff.
@SUGauthor: I am working as awsomebeans uhh.. 'mentor'. He reminds me very much of me when I first joined and I want to pull him out of it.
Sorry for two parts, but I have a lot of ground to cover. There's about 40 pages and I'm trying to get at least half of them done. So I'm probably going to need more than two parts now that I think about it. Anyway I won't give a full opinion until I am finished with the review but I like what I see so far.
@Luigi_96: just realized that lul
I'd say it's a pretty good comic so far! +Fav

Introducing more arcs/villains in the future?

also Pac-Man's new game was terrible lol