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Lol, wut?
Back @ Tim
Because it says "under construction," I suppose I can excuse the "fav" button going outside the bounding box. Everything is looking pretty good although the header is kind of tall, and yet only takes um about 50% of the total width of the page. If that were a little shorter it would prevent prospective readers from having to scroll down so much to see the actual content (ie. comic). It'd also be nice if I were to appear at least in a small corner of the banner... ^^;
Heh heh heh...
FINALLY! I gave this comic idea to you like, twelve and a half months ago.
Ok then...
Is this that "messy" style you were talking about for fillers? Nice though. At least we now have a puesdo-comic to tie people over. But will coloring really take two weeks?! It's Summer you know! ^_^
Well that was fast!
Wow! Thanks Pandachu for reading! I figure people might have given up after the first 8 or 9 weeks of no updates!

Edit: @Tim: Regardless, she still noticed after only an hour or two.
Dang it!
Dark-Chibi-Shadow beat me to the NEDM comment! That was the first thing I thought of when I saw this. -_-
Yeah but proly not today, Mon sure. ^_^

edit: uhhh... /).- yeah about that <_< >_>
I saw the title and I was like: WTF?
Nice Tie-over Tim! I had already seen this but never got around to to commenting on it till now. And yeah I might actually be able to pull together something every two weeks, meaning we can update every week, but we'd have to talk. o_-
I'd made some sketches of this guy in my math notebook, and drew him from all 8 angles, when I decided to draw a larger, better copy of him. This was scanned in, and with only a little over a hour in Photo shop, we see the magic unfold. I know it still sucks, but it's probably the closest to the comic's style I've done yet. And just when Tim is about to change the style too... :(
That's right, Tim is changing the style once again. I think it's an improvement though. It will look better and more realistic, but still "cute." ^_^ And this guy WILL be a new character, although drawn by Tim.
Any comments on the image are welcome.
Yeah... now it wasn't actually a commission, cause it wasn't for money, but one of my friends (who shall remain un-named for the sake of his sanity,) received a request that was kind of a mix between yaoi and furry, so it does happen.
That was one doozy of a sentence!
January 21st, 2008
I had finally gotten around to reading this comic to the end... Little did I know it actually WAS the end. I miss it already. :(
Thanks Tim
Merry Christmas guys!! ^_^

P.S. Nice roof you got there Tim. I see the snow must have melted from the same fire that left a hole in your roof. =P
Same here. There were only a few words that I couldn't read like ordinary English, and actually had to spend a few seconds on. Love the second to last panel! ^_^
Why would anyone want to UNINSTALL World of Warcraft!!!1!!!11 CURSE YOUR NAME TO THE FIERY PITS OF HELL! *burns Tim at the stake*
A lot easier to follow, last comic I wasn't quite sure at the top what order to read everything. Nice, keep it up!
Let's just say that some people have really dirty imaginations... ^_^
I love how Paul's head is like half the height in the second panal as it is in the 1st and 3rd! XD

BTW Tim:
[2 Tim]
Both Ideally!

[2 John]
Blargh, is one word John. What were your math and English averages again?
Fine, then just go give yourself a really hard slap on the back. ^_^
Heh heh
I'm sure we'll be seeing this quite often. LOL